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20 Postcards of Chicago’s Wrigley Field.

Lot 79. 20 Postcards of Chicago’s Wrigley Field. These cards are a mixture of pre-linens, linens and chromes. From its opening in 1914 until 1918, this ball park was known as Weeghman Field, for the Cubs’ president. It was known as Cubs Park from 1918 until approximately 1926, when it was renamed Wrigley Field. One pre-linen postcard, from Max Rigot, is titled “Federal League Park, Chicago.” G. The city’s Federal League team played at Weeghman Field in 1914 and 1915. The other pre-linens are No. 134 “Cubs Ball Park, Chicago” at the bottom, Gerson Bros. f-g; No. 171 Cubs Park, Chicago, Ill.” Gerson Bros., inside from the right field stands vg-ex; and No. 301 “’Cubs’ Ball Park, Chicago,” Max Rigot, “1933 Chicago World’s Fair” on the back vg-ex. The Federal League card was postmarked in 1916, and No. 134, in 1920. The linen cards are: No. 61, Tichnor and Union News, aerial of the ball park vg+ to ex. No. 162, Curteich and J. O. Stoll, drawing, aerial view vg-ex. Unnumbered, same as No. 162 but with “Beautiful Wrigley Field … Home of the Chicago Cubs” on the front and Gabby Hartnett on the back vg-ex. No. 243, Curteich and Aero Distributing, aerial form behind home plate ex. No. K3653, Colourpicture and Cameo Greeting Card Co., Chicago, Ill., aerial from behind home plate ex. No. 283, aerial, “A.C.” logo on the back ex+. No. 61 and both No.162 cards were postally used. Three views of Wrigley Field are contained in Chicago postcard folders titled “Beautiful Parks in Chicago,” vg cover with nm to nm-m postcards inside. Other folders are “Chicago’s Beautiful Parks,” vg cover with nm-m postcards inside, and “Chicago of Today,” vg with a mailing sticker and address on the cover and nm panels inside. In addition, the collection includes two different standard-sized chromes one ex+ one vg+ to ex, two larger chromes one ex one vg-ex, a “Save This Grandstand” 1989 card vg and two “Way Back When” collector postcards both vg. Winning Bid $125.    

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       Winning Bid  $125


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