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Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda and Additional Pirates Autographs on an ONL Ball.

Lot 22. Roberto Clemente, Orlando Cepeda and Additional Pirates Autographs on an ONL Ball. Fifteen autographs are on this lightly shellacked ONL Warren Giles ball, which was signed at an Aug. 19, 1959 game in Pittsburgh between the Pirates and the St. Louis Cardinals. The Pirates won, 4-2. Clemente’s autograph is on the panel with the Spalding logo. One of the stronger autographs at ex-m 6 to nm 7, it shares the panel with signatures of Vern Law, Don Hoak and Bill Virdon. Only the beginning and end of Law’s signature can be read. Hoak’s is ex-m, and Virdon’s is g 2 to vg 3. Danny Murtaugh (ex 5 to ex-m 6) and Roman Mejias (ex-m) are on another panel with two lighter signatures. A third panel has Smoky Burgess, Nellie King, Don Blasingame (St. Louis), Bob Porterfield and Harry Bright. The Burgess and King autographs are ex-m to ex-m to nm, while the others are generally ex or vg-ex to ex. Finally, Orlando Cepeda’s autograph is nm on a panel with Geo Witt (nm 7 to nm-m 8) and a clubhouse signature of Dick Stuart. This ball is accompanied by another ONL Giles ball that has on a panel the date of the game and “Pirates – St. Louis.” This ball is vg. The autographed ball is ex-m. Authentication by Kevin Keating. Winning Bid $390.    

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       Winning Bid  $390


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