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SPORT Magazines

  5 Lots      

Lot 222.  8 1948 Issues of “Sport” Magazine with Covers Featuring Ruth, Joe Louis and Gehrig. These magazines generally have excellent cover photos or artwork. A painting of Babe Ruth by Griffith Foxley is on the cover of the May 1948 “Sport” issue with candidates to break Ruth’s home run record – Johnny Mize, Ralph Kiner and Ted Williams. Vg+ to ex. Louis has the cover of the June issues to himself, ex, and Lou Gehrig is the focus of the Oct. cover, which has smaller images of three football players, including Charlie Trippi and Jackie Jensen, ex. The other issues are for Jan., basketball cover, vg; Feb., Frank Brimsek, vg; March, George Kaftan, Holy Cross basketball player, vg+ to ex; July, Ewell Blackwell, vg-ex, and Johnny Lujack, vg+.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 223.  10 1950 “Sport” Magazine Issues – 7 Baseball Covers, the “Sport Annual” and Football Agganis. The “Annual” for 1950 is extensively illustrated and has Tommy Henrich, Ezzard Charles and Leon Hart on the cover, ex. Henrich is also the cover subject of the Feb. issue, vg+ to ex. Here is a list of the other issues: April, Casey Stengel cover, vg+; May, Ralph Kiner, ex with slight foxing along the top edge; June, Bob Lemon, vg-ex; July, Stan Musial, vg-ex; Aug., Art Houtteman, vg; Oct., painting by Carol Johnson featuring Happy Chandler, ex+; Nov., Harry Agganis as a college football player, vg+; and Dec., John Cullen Murphy football painting, ex-m.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 224.  6 1951 “Sport” Magazine Issues – the “Sport Annual,” Sugar Ray Robinson, Baseball HoFers, Etc. The “Annual” contains large numbers of photos and multiple pages of sports scores and statistics. The cover has photos of Phil Rizzuto, Ben Hogan and Ezzard Charles, ex. The other issues are from: Jan., Carol Johnson basketball artwork on the cover, vg+ to ex; Feb., Nat Holman as “Man of the Year in Sport,” John Cullen Murphy painting, vg; May, “Great Baseball Jubilee” issue, John Cullen Murphy painting with Ruth, DiMaggo, Wagner, Cobb and other HoFers, ex+; June, Robinson, great photo, ex-m; and July, Ewell Blackwell, vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 225.  Complete Set of 1952 Issues of “Sport” with Jackie and Sugar Ray Robinson Covers. The year is complete with 11 issues. “Sport” did not publish an issue in January. Here is the list of the issues and cover subjects. These magazines feature excellent cover photos: Feb., Sugar Ray Robinson cover and the top performers in 12 sports recognized in color photos inside, ex; March, Gil McDougald, vg+ to ex; April, Chico Carrasquel, vg+ to ex; May, Al Dark, ex; June, Ralph Kiner, ex; July, Stan Musial, ex-m; Aug., Allie Reynolds and Yogi Berra, ex; Sept., Mike Garcia, ex-m; Oct., Jackie Robinson and Pee Wee Reese, action photo, ex; Nov., Jackie Robinson, Doak Walker, Harry Agganis and Reynolds, vg+; and Dec., Johnny Olszewski, vg+.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 226.  12 Issues of “Sport” Magazine, 9 from 1956 – Doby, Mays, Williams Covers, Etc. Baseball HoFers are on five of the 1956 covers, including Walter Alston as the magazine’s “Man of the Year” in March. Other top performers of the year also are recognized, including Bob Cousy, Cary Middlecoff, Arnie Sowell, Roy Campanella, Rocket Richard, Rocky Marciano, Bill Russell and Nashua. Vg+ to ex issue. Other baseball covers are from April, Larry Doby, who is profiled in four pages of photos inside, nm-m; May, Bob Lemon, ex; June, Willie Mays, vg, and July, Ted Williams, ex-m. Other 1956 issues are from: Jan., Doak Walker, ex; Feb. Sihugo Green with smaller photos of Mickey Mantle and others, vg; Aug., Vinegar Bend Mizell, ex-m, and Sept. the magazine’s 10th Anniversary Issue with cover artwork by John Cullen Murphy, vg+. The other issues are form July 1957, Al Kaline cover, f; April 1959, Rocky Colavito cover, f, and June 1964, Dick Stuart cover with Muhammad Ali (as Clay) inset, f.
Winning Bid $50     

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