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Non-Sport Memorabilia - Presidents, Washington, D.C.

  3 Lots      

Lot 325.  13 Books or Booklets with Biographies of Presidents and Other Publications. This collection includes publications covering the Presidents and their wives, a cook book and other items. Two hardbacks without dust jackets cover the U.S. leaders: “The Presidents of the United States of America” by Frank Freidel, 1964, ex, and “The Presidents of the U.S. from Oil Paintings in the White House: Washington to Wilson,” undated from the Crane Printing Co., vg, and likely published in 1913 or 1914. The first book offers a color portrait and a one-page biography of each President, while the second has a sepia portrait and very brief information. Here is a list of the other publications, all softcovers: 3. “American History Illustrated’s Presidential Profiles, 1983, 48 pages, vg-ex. 4. “Thirty-One Presidents,” Edward Jerome Voegeler, 1932, vg+, 68 pages. 5. “A&P Presents Presidents & Prizes,” 1964, vg-ex, 32 pages. 6. “Our Presidents (In Rhyme): Inauguration, March 4th, 1929,” Charles J. Benedict, 1929, 8 pages. 7. “Know Our Presidents,” Miles Laboratories, circa 1940, 16 pages, g+ to vg. 8. “Our Presidents,” Swift Specific Co., circa 1920, 20 pages, vg. 9. “The Book of Presidents,” 1952, printed by Amsterdam Printing and Litho Co. of New York, 24 pages, vg-ex. Four softcover publications cover the Presidents and their spouses: 10. “Brief Biographies of our Presidents and the First Ladies of the Land,” 1927, from American Weekly and “The Washington Herald,” 32 pages, g-vg. 11. “Presidents and Their Wives,” Frederic J. Haskin, 1939, 48 pages, vg. 12. “The First Ladies Hall,” 1965, a 20-page booklet with scenes from the Smithsonian Institution, vg+ to ex. 13. “The Presidents and Their Wives from George Washington to Gerald Rudolph Ford,” 1975, 72 pages, vg+. 14. There also is another hardback without a dj, “The Presidents’ Own White House Cookbook,” compiled by Robert Jones, 1973, 112 pages, vg-ex. ALSO: 15. “Presidents of the United States,” 1980, an image and facsimile autograph of each President on 13.25” x 15.75” antiqued parchment, multiple folds from being mailed. 16-17. Two separate color cards, each 6.25” x 8.25”, adhered to stiff paper backing and presenting portraits of Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Teddy Roosevelt and Wilson. Ex. 18. And a Jan. 20, 1949 Washington “Evening Star” special “Inaugural Gravure Section” with photos or illustrations of Presidential inaugurations and related events from Washington through Franklin Roosevelt; six pages, vg.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 326.  President Truman Collection – Inauguration Program and Ticket Stub, Books, Photos, Etc. Harry S Truman was President of the U.S. from 1945-53. He became President at the death of Franklin Roosevelt and was elected to his own full term in 1948. A 72-page program for his inauguration is nm+ in the original vg-ex mailing envelope. It is accompanied by a g-vg Inauguration ticket stub that his picture and the picture of his Vice President, Alben Barkley, on the back. Three hardback books deal with Truman’s life, presidency or both: “The Truman Program,” edited by M. B. Schnapper, 1948-49, vg, no dust jacket; “The Truman Merry-Go-Round,” Robert S. Allen and William V. Shannon, 1950, vg/vg; and “Harry S Truman: Late a President of the United States, Memorial Tributes Delivered in Congress,” 1973, Congressman’s stamp on the flyleaf, ex+. A 34-page 1948 softcover presents “The Pictorial Biography of Harry S. Truman, Thirty-Second President of the United States.,” vg-ex. Two framed 8” x 10” photos, one sepia and one color, capture Truman at his desk. The sepia example is believed to show the President signing a document related to the end of World War II. Both photos are ex-m. The matt around the sepia photo is stained. A pencil drawing portrait of Truman also is framed. All three frames are inexpensive, and we can ship the images without them. Truman is shown also in six 8” x 10” b&w photos, one with young actress Margaret O’Brien. One photo is a posed portrait. Vg-ex. Truman appears on the covers of five magazines and a newsletter in the collection, including the May 22, 1950 issue of “Time” and the July 5, 1947 “Liberty.” Vg to vg-ex. Eleven 1947-49 “Timely Events” news pictures depict Truman in various settings with members of Congress, military leaders, a Crow Indian, Vice President Barkley (at their inauguration), and a poster of Smokey Bear. These 11” x 17” posters were folded twice for mailing. Vg to vg-ex. A 12th poster refers to President Truman. Other items are a special inaugural section of the Washington “Evening Star” with a large color portrait of Truman and Barkley; a magazine page with Truman promoting the National Guard; a document and a check with Truman stamped or printed signature; and one card each for admission to the White House and the National Gallery of Art during Truman’s Presidency. Thirty-nine items related to President Truman.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 327.  1990 Presidential Knife Series by W. R. Case and 7 Other Pocket Knives. Ten pocket knives make up this collection. Three made by W. R. Case are in their original “1990 Presidential Series” box with knives representing George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower. The President’s name is inscribed on the largest blade of each knife. The set is numbered 0164. The Washington and Roosevelt knives each have two blades, and the Eisenhower knife has three. The longest blade, on the Washington knife, is 2”. The knives appear to be unused. Each handle shows light toning or color loss. Ex-m in an nm box that has a drawing of each of the three presidents and brief biographical information on the inside of the box lid. Zippo is the source of a knife that has a camouflage handle and 2” blade. Mint in the original box. Three knives promote products or businesses: Dodge, a Swiss Army-style knife from Victorinox, mint in the original box; Champion Spark Plugs, a knife with a 2.75” blade and 3.75” handle, ex; and an unusual design for Merit Mufflers with an individual’s name on one side of the handle. Also, a knife on a key chain, 2” wood-like handle and 1.5” blade, ex-m+; a Swiss Army-type knife with no markings, ex-m; and a knife with a 2.75” handle, a 1” blade and a broken blade.
Winning Bid $61     

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