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Pittsburgh Pirates (and Steelers)

  1 Lot      

Lot 100.  Three Rivers Stadium Pair of Seats. These connected orange seats were removed from the stadium after the Pittsburgh Steelers played the final game there on Dec. 16, 2000. Three Rivers served as home to the Steelers and Pittsburgh Pirates from 1970. Made of a plastic material and metal supports, the seats are structurally sound and ready for restoration. They show some rust, and fading to their orange color. Measuring 40” across and 20” deep when the seat are used, they are not stand-alone; their supports need to be mounted to wood or metal at the back to be used. Fans who bought tickets for these seats had the joy of watching two World Series and four Super Bowl championship teams. With a little TLC, they’ll be a great addition to a media or sports room for another 30+ years of entertainment!
Winning Bid $489     

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