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Pittsburgh Football

  5 Lots      

Lot 310.  1948 Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Cardinals 30-Page Extensively Illustrated Program. With Pat Harder, the Cardinals’ fullback, on the cover, this program is for a Sept. 19 exhibition, fundraiser game, one week before the beginning of the regular season. Chicago hosted Pittsburgh in the second annual Charles Bidwill Memorial Game, with net proceeds going veterans of World War I and World War II and their families. Bidwill owned the Cardinals from 1933 until his death in 1947. The “Chicago Daily News” sponsored the game and distributed funds through its Daily News Veterans Fund. Using an 8 ¾” x 11 ½” format, the program has articles on the upcoming season, players and coaches for each team, the Chicago Bears and top NFL performers of 1947. Sammy Baugh is pictured. So are Jock Sutherland, the Steelers’ coach who passed away earlier in 1948; Jimmy Conzelman, the Cardinals’ coach; Paul Christman, Charley Trippi, Steve van Buren and others. The program is vg with a 1” spine split at the top.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 311.  290+ Pittsburgh Steelers Autographs – Furness, Shell, Fuqua, Lloyd, Kaye Cowher, Etc. Ninety Steelers are represented in this collection of football cards, which all are different. In addition, a 1992 Pro Line Portraits card is autographed by Kaye Cowher, the late wife of former coach Bill Cowher. The Cowhers met at North Carolina State University, where he played football and she was a power forward. Later, she played professionally with the New York Stars and New Jersey Gems of the Women’s Professional Basketball League. She was only 54 when she passed away in 2010. Her autograph on the back of the card is nm-m 8 to mint 9. The other autographs are generally nm 7 and better. Kevin Keating authenticated the signatures. Here is a complete list of the autographs – all on different cards, almost all from the 1980s or 1990s: Walter Abercrombie (4), Mike Adams, Gary Anderson, Theo Bell (2), Will Blackwell (2), Bubby Brister (10), Chad Brown (7), Kris Brown, Lance Brown, Larry Brown (2), Mark Bruener (8), Chris Calloway (2), Robin Cole (2), Craig Colquitt (5), Adrian Cooper (6), Bennie Cunningham (8), Kenny Davidson (2), Gary Dunn (3), Rich Erenberg, Donald Evans, Thomas Everett (8), Lethon Flowers, Deon Figures, Barry Foster, Chris Fuamatu-Ma’Afala, John Fuqua, Steve Furness (8), Roy Gerela (2), Jason Gildon (2), Jeff Graham (6), Gordon Gravelle, Eric Green (5), Delton Hall, Greg Hawthorne, Bryan Hinkle (12), Merril Hoge (13), Earl Holmes, Richard Huntley, Tunch Ilkin (11), Earnest Jackson, John Jackson (2), Charles Johnson (4), David Johnson (2), Aaron Jones, Donta Jones, George Jones, Marv Kellum, Levon Kirkland (2), John Kolb (5), Carnell Lake (10), Frank Lewis, Louis Lipps (16), David Little, Greg Lloyd (7), Mark Malone (3), Mike Merriweather (4), Ernie Mills (8), Bam Morris, Rick Moser, Mike Mularkey (4), Gerry “Moon” Mullins (2), Mike Newsome, Hardy Nickerson (3), Neil O’Donnell, Jerry Olsavsky (2), Frank Pollard (5), Mark Royals, Lupe Sanchez, Jack Scarbath, Chad Scott, Leon Searcy (2), Bobby Shaw, Donnie Shell (2), Scott Shields, Jeremy Staat, Brenden Stai, Joel Steed, Dwight Stone (8), Dan Stryzinski (3), Yancey Thigpen, Mike Tomczak (2), Bruce Van Dyke, Gerald Williams (7), Bobby Walden, Dewayne Washington, Warren Williams (2), Keith Willis (10), Dwayne Woodruff (2), Rick Woods and Tim Worley (3).
Current Bid $100     

Lot 312.  100+ Football Autographs with a Pittsburgh Connection – Cole, Gerela, Greene, Doleman, Etc. All of these autographs are on cards, primarily from Topps, and all the cards are signed by one-time Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Panthers, or both. The cards picture the players and coaches with other teams. Authenticated by Kevin Keating, these signatures are generally nm 7 or better. STEELERS: Bob Adams, John Allred, Gary Ballman, Dwaine Board, Ed Bradley, Bubby Brister, Dave Brown, Chris Calloway, Dom Capers, Bud Carson, Keith Cash, Robin Cole, Adrian Cooper, Glen Edwards, Thomas Everett, Kris Farris, Chan Gailey, Wayne Gandy, Roy Gerela, Oliver Gibson, Jeff Graham, Kent Graham, Eric Green, Kevin Greene, Nolan Harrison, Jim Haslett, Andre Hastings, Courtney Hawkins, Jonathan Hayes, Kevin Henry, Merrill Hoge, Chris Jacke, Earnest Jackson, Roy Jefferson, D.J. Johnson, Norm Johnson, Tim Jorden, Marv Kellum, Frank Lewis, Mark May, Fred McAfee, Tim McKyer, Mike Merriweather, Lou Michaels, Jim Miller, Ernie Mills, Earl Morrall, Bam Morris (2, one as Byron and the other, as Bam), John McMakin, Tom Newberry, Harry Newsome, Hardy Nickerson, Neil O’Donnell, Eric Pegram, Preston Pearson, Bert Rechichar, Mark Royals, Orpheus Roye, Rod Rust, Leon Searcy, Ray Seals, Brenden Stai, Rohn Stark, Cliff Stoudt, Jim Sweeney, Mike Tomczak, Dewayne Washington, John L. Williams, Willie Williams, Will Wolford, Dave Woodley (died 2003) and Donnell Woolford. PANTHERS: Troy Benson, Ruben Brown, Matt Cavanaugh, Sam Clancy, Jim Covert, Fred Cox, Chris Doleman (2, one signature earlier and more readable, and the other, later and more “stylized”), Anthony Dorsett (Tony’s son), Bill Fralic, Sean Gilbert, Hugh Green, Russ Grimm, Burt Grossman, Fred Hoaglin, Steve Israel, Dietrich Jells, Gordon Jones, Dave Logan, Bill Maas, Ricardo McDonald, Randy McMillan, Tom Ricketts, Marc Spindler, Mark Stepnoski, Jim Sweeney, Alex Van Pelt, Tony Siragusa, Joe Walton and Tony Woods.
Current Bid $40     

Lot 313.  Troy Polamalu Autographed Pittsburgh Steelers Jersey. The former strong safety and future Pro Hall of Fame member signed the No. 4 on the back of a Reebok size 48 black & gold jersey that also has his name. The signature, authenticated by Kevin Keating, is mint 9. Polamalu retired after last season. In 12 years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, he made the Pro Bowl eight times, was an All-Pro five times and contributed to two Super Bowl championships. In 2010, he was named the NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year by AP. The jersey is nm-m.
Current Bid $50     

Lot 314.  1972 Steelers “Immaculate Reception” and AFC Championship Programs and a Ticket Stub. In the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Three Rivers Stadium, the Steelers defeated the Oakland Raiders in what would become known as the “Immaculate Reception” game. The 118-program is ex+ with the final score added to the cover. With only 22 seconds left in the game, Oakland led, 7-6. The Steelers faced fourth-and-10 on their own 40 yard line when Terry Bradshaw threw the ball toward Frenchy Fuqua at the Raiders’ 35 yard line. The ball, Fuqua and Raiders’ safety Jack Tatum arrived at a point on the field at the same time. In the aftermath of the collision, Fuqua fell to the ground, and the ball sailed toward Franco Harris, who had run downfield as a receiver. Harris scooped up the ball before it hit the ground and ran for a touchdown. The play remains one of the most famous and controversial in NFL history. It gave the Steelers their first playoff victory. Subsequently, Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope popularized the “immaculate reception” designation. On the following Sunday at Three Rivers Stadium, there were no miracles for the Steelers as the Miami Dolphins continued on their way to a perfect season with a 21-17 win. The program is vg-ex with the score on the cover. Both programs contain photos of the players. A ticket stub for the Steelers-Dolphins game is included. It was torn irregularly and otherwise is vg+ to ex.
Current Bid $75     

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