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Mike Petronella Original Artwork

  3 Lots      

Lot 16.  Mike Petronella Signed ORIGINAL Pencil Drawing of Babe Ruth. Porcelain collector plates Petronella designed for Sports Impressions helped earn him a place among the elite of sports artists. More recently, his caricatures and cartoons have appeared in such publications as the “National Sports Daily,” the “The New York Times” and New York’s “Daily News.” His sports lithographs are widely collected. This “Sultan of Swat” pencil drawing on 15” x 20” board is an unpublished original from Petronella’s portfolio. It presents two images of Ruth, including an appealing head and shoulders portrait. The artist signed it “M Petronella.” This one-of-a-kind artwork will make an outstanding addition to a New York Yankees or Babe Ruth collection.
Winning Bid $484     

Lot 17.  Joe Namath ORIGINAL Pencil Drawing by Mike Petronella. “Broadway Joe” appears to be in a thoughtful frame of mind in this realistic portrait, which is supplemented by an action image. The realistic portraits Petronella created for Sports Impressions’ collector plates helped to establish him as one of the country’s top sports artists. His readily recognizable images and caricatures alike are enjoyed by collectors. His caricatures and cartoons appear regularly in such publications as the “National Sports Daily,” the “The New York Times” and New York’s “Daily News.” Petronella’s original pencil drawing of Namath on 15” x 20” board is an unpublished work from his personal collection. He signed it “M Petronella.”
Winning Bid $250     

Lot 18.  Mike Petronella ORIGINAL Watercolor of the NY Giants’ Phil Simms and Jeff Hostettler. This artwork appeared on the cover of the July 22-28, 1991 “Training Camp Issue” of “Giants Extra” published by Bobby Duhon and Chuck Mercein. As the 1991 season approached, the Giants’ new coach, Ray Handley, declared the starting quarterback position open. Hostettler, always a backup in New York, earned a shot at starting after he led the Giants to victory in the NFC Championship and 1991 Super Bowl after Simms was injured. Hostettler won the competition with Simms. On 14.25” x 18.25” board, Petronella provides strong, realistic portraits of both quarterbacks. He titled the artwork “Dueling Giants Simms and Hoss” and signed it “Petronella.” The published version of the watercolor is adhered to the back. Petronella established himself as a top-notch sports artist while designing collector plates for Sports Impressions. Today, his lithographs are widely collected, and his cartoons and caricatures are published in “The New York Times,” New York’s “Daily News,” the “National Sports Daily” and other publications.
Winning Bid $300     

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