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Non-Sport Memorabilia

  7 Lots      

Lot 121.  1971 Pittsburgh Pirates Pennant, 1973 New York Knicks Program, Hanson Ticket Stub. Mixed group with: 1. Pirates 1971 full-sized scroll pennant; good, faded, no tears. 2. Knicks vs. Phoenix 1973 program, 84 pages, photos of Bradley, DeBusschere, Frazier, Holzman, Reed, Monroe and Lucas. Ex interior with eight pages unprinted. 3. Ticket stub for a 1998 Hanson concert; vg.
Current Bid $5     

Lot 138.  Peavey Electronics New York Yankees Kid’s Size Ukulele. New, unused and mint in the original box, this 21” instrument has “New York Yankees” and the team logo in color on the front.
Current Bid $20     

Lot 178.  4 “Tarzan” Newspaper Color Comic Strips, Including One of the Earliest from 1931. Edgar Rice Burroughs created the Tarzan character in the early 1900s. The comic strip began in 1929 and was distributed by United Features Syndicate. The first full-page Sunday strip appeared on March 15, 1931. This collection includes a full-page from four months later, on July 26, in the “Cleveland Plain Dealer.” Rex Maxon created the artwork. A second full-page is from the “Oakland Tribune” on Aug. 18, 1935. Two smaller offerings, with Burne Hogarth art, are from March 6, 1938 (9.25” x 12.25”), and Nov. 2, 1947 (9” x 14”). All four pages have been laminated. They display well, especially the two larger pages, which have an ex to ex-m appearance. Various comics are on the backs of the Tarzan strips – “Toonerville Folks,” “Polly and Her Pals,” “Harold Teen,” “Josie” and “Popeye” (black & white).
Current Bid $20     

Lot 179.  Circa 1953 Original Hartland Action Figures – Lone Ranger & Silver and Tonto & Scout. Hartland produced these statues as “The Lone Ranger” TV series became the first major hit for the ABC network. Except for the horses’ reins and Silver’s saddle, these figures lack any accessories. They show substantial use, including wear on their noses and other high spots. Approximately 1 ¼” of the fringe on Tonto’s left pants leg is missing. Neither cracks nor yellowing are evident. Four figures.
Current Bid $45     

Lot 180.  Charlie Chaplin Reproduction Movie Poster for “The Adventurer.” Approximately 19” x 29”, this reproduction apparently was produced in the mid-1970s. It is colorful, matted and framed to 24” x 35”, and shows some light, minor wrinkles. Chaplin directed the 1917 movie and starred in it with Edna Purviance and Eric Campbell.
Current Bid $15     

Lot 181.  Reproduction Advertising Poster for Ralston (Human!) Breakfast Food. The 27” x 40” poster, framed to 29.75” x 42.75”, promotes Purina Health Pankake Flour, Ralston Health Barley Food, Purina Health Flour and other products. Each product has “Health” in the name – except for Ralston Hominy Grits! The poster is nm-m. For several decades, it was displayed in a Rochester bar and restaurant. The frame has two drilled holes used for displaying the poster.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 182.  Elvis Presley Point–of-Purchase Display. From 1997, the display promotes FosterGrant sunglasses, accompanied by an Elvis Commemorative Collection video. With two images of Elvis, it is as much as 27.5” across and 18” deep. A bottom panel and two side panels are meant to be folded, producing an 18” x 14” exhibit. Several pin holes are at the top of the display, which also shows some small scuffs, primarily on the panels to be folded. Tape is on one of the side panels.
Minimum Bid $15     

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