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Non-Sport Memorabilia

  10 Lots      

Lot 233.  Greta Garbo Framed Display from the “Garbo” Restaurant of Stockholm. Born in Stockholm in 1905, Garbo became a film star in the U.S. in the mid-1920s. She ranks fifth on the American Film Institute’s list of greatest female stars. She was nominated three times for an Academy Award for Best Actress and twice received the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actress. Framed to 12” x 23.5”, the display includes a poster with a 10” x 12.5” photo of Garbo and a napkin and 1983 receipt from the restaurant. The poster shows three folds and various wrinkles. A box of matches from the restaurant is attached to the glass covering the rest of the display. Attractive and unusual.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 234.  Wonderful 1937-40 Scrapbook - “Gone with the Wind Program,” Arts Programs, Etc. There even is a football program in this 80-page 11” x 13.5” scrapbook very neatly assembled by a Sweet Briar College student. Founded in 1901, Sweet Briar is a women’s liberal arts college approximately 12 miles north of Lynchburg, VA. Because of “insurmountable financial challenges,” the college is scheduled to close this year. Alumnae are attempting to save it. One of the highlights of the scrapbook is a 1939 “Gone with the Wind” vividly illustrated program. The 20-page 9” x 12” program contains biographical and artistic sketches of Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard and Olivia de Havilland. More than a dozen other paintings and photos are included, along with production notes. The program was sold for 25 cents at movie theaters in 1939. The back of this copy is glued into the scrapbook; otherwise, it is ex-m+. Accompanying the program are two ticket stubs, about 1.5” x 1”, for a 1940 showing of the film at the Stadium Paramount Theatre. Next to the stubs, the scrapbook owner wrote, “Saw...Gone with the Wind for second time.” Stage actress Katharine Cornell, a Tony Award winner, is the subject of a 20-page 9” x 12” softcover publication, “Katharine Cornell Stage Portraits,” which shows her in various roles, including Juliet (“Romeo and Juliet”) and St. Joan. Vg+. It is accompanied by a 1939 “Playbill” with her starring in “No Time for Comedy” at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre.” For sports collectors, the scrapbook has an Oct. 7, 1939 Richmond vs. Washington & Lee 24-page program, vg+; a ticket stub for the game, ex; a stub for a 1939 Duke game, vg-ex; and a 1.75” light-blue and white “Beat Duke” pin. Other interesting items in the scrapbook include: a 1937 admission letter from Sweet Briar and the college’s 1937-38 Student Handbook; a few mementoes from Monroe High School in Rochester, N.Y.; programs for 1938 and 1940 performances by the National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Hans Kindler, who turned the NSO into a leading U.S. orchestra; 1941 program for the Richmond Grand Opera performance of “La Boheme”; general admission ticket for the 1938 U.S. Military Academy graduation exercises and graduation dance booklets; program for a recital by renowned pianist Dalies Frantz; a 1939 pamphlet on Lotte Lehmann, regarded as one of the world’s greatest sopranos and who appeared on the Feb. 18, 1935 cover of “Time”; program for a 1939 horse show; 1939 brochure for Colonel Carter’s Traveling Circus; program for the 1939 Rochester Grand Opera Co.; 1939 newspaper headline – “German, Polish Battles Rage; Cities Bombed; Powers Mobilized”; two 1939 New York World’s Fair postcards and a ticket stub for Billy Rose’s Aquacade; a circa 1939 booklet, “Rip (Van Winkle) Discovers Radio”; a 1940 “Sweet Briar News” issue with photos of Virginia Senators Harry Byrd and Carter Glass; a circa 1940 Valentine card; student poetry, some humorous, in the Sweet Briar “Junior Class Prophecy”; and much more! Almost all of the items are glued into the scrapbook. As glued, they typically are vg-ex or ex.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 235.  “Gone with the Wind” Print by Jim Annis Showing the Granada Theatre in Chicago, 1939. Annis, who died in 2010, was a self-taught artist who sought to portray life of the past through nostalgic scenes, primarily of the Chicago area. He began painting in his sixties. His subjects included steam-powered locomotives, trolleys, vintage cars, old major league ballparks, theaters, fish and waterfowl. His works are part of the permanent collection of the Chicago Historical Society, the National Archives at Bowling Green State University and the Milwaukee Public Library. “Gone with the Wind” shows the classic movie playing at the Balaban & Katz Granada Theatre in Chicago in 1939 as vintage cars and a double-decker bus pass by. This 25.25” x 31.5” print consists of four sections neatly mounted on foam board. The seams are evident but don’t detract from the attractiveness of the poster print., which shows some chips and indentations along the edges. The foam board has come loose from the upper left corner. Annis’ work does an excellent job of capturing the era.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 236.  Framed Display Presenting Prints of Marc Chagall’s 12 Jerusalem Windows. An early modernist artist, Chagall has been called “the quintessential Jewish artist of the 20th century" by Robert Hughes, an important art critic. Born in Lithuania in 1873, Chagall studied art in Russia, then moved to France in 1910. His works included many paintings with Biblical themes. In the early 1960s, he created 12 stained glass windows representing the 12 Tribes of Israel. In 1962, these windows were installed in the Ein Karem campus synagogue of Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. In the display, which is 22” x 36”, each window is 5” x 7”. In order in the display, the windows represent the Tribe of Ruben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Gad, Asher, Zebulun, Joseph, Benjamin, Issachar and Nephtali. Nm, nicely matted and framed.
Winning Bid $225     

Lot 237.  Scarce “Rachel” Signed Lithograph by Chaim Potok. Known primarily for his novels, which explored Jewish religious and cultural themes, Potok was also a rabbi and artist. His signature on this undated limited edition, No. 158 of 180, is large and nm-m 8 to mint 9. In the Bible, Rachel was the favorite wife of Jacob’s two wives. Her two sons, Benjamin and Joseph, were part of the creation of the 12 Tribes of Israel. The artwork portrays Rachel holding an infant, presumably Benjamin. She died shortly after giving birth to him. A 4” x 5.5” inset painting in the lower right depicts what is believed to be Rachel’s tomb near Bethlehem. The 20” x 29” litho has creases in the corners and has a few inoffensive creases and scratches in the image area. It is in an inexpensive frame. We can ship it with or without the frame. Kevin Keating authenticated Potok’s signature. Potok died in 2002.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 238.  Howard Chandler Christy Framed Reproduction 1917 Navy Recruiting Poster. Christy was a leading illustrator in the 1890s and early part of the 20th century. He first gained attention as a war correspondent and combat artist, with illustrations such as “Battle of San Juan Hill” appearing in “Harper’s,” “Collier’s” and “Scribner’s” magazines. Later, he became famous for his “Christy Girls,” as Charles Gibson did in the 1890s for his “Gibson Girls.” Christy’s girls typically are romanticized figures. His 1917 poster has a young woman declaring: “I wish I were a man. I’d join the Navy.” The reproduction poster is 23” x 35”, appears to be nm, and is framed.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 239.  Newspaper 1936 Printing Plate Headlining the Abdication of Edward VIII, England’s King. In Dec. 1936, Edward VIII announced that he was giving up the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson, a once-divorced American who was in the process of divorcing her second husband. The abdication was necessary because British leaders opposed the marriage and because of the role of the Church of England. As king, Edward was titular head of the church, which opposed remarriage if the divorced person’s former spouse was still alive. The Dec. 10, 1936 edition of the “Rochester Times-Union” provides front-page coverage of the abdication. The page carries the headline, “Edward Gives Up Throne; Duke of York Successor,” and two additional articles. The paper printing plate is 16” x 22.5” and framed to 23.25” x 27.5”. It has tack holes and some chips along the edges. The plate is an uncommon memento of one of the more memorable events in 1930s history.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 240.  Winston Churchill Portrait on a Poster Promoting a Yousuf Karsh Photographic Exhibit. Karsh (died 2002) is regarded as one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 20th century. Born in Turkey in 1908 and raised in an Armenian family, he was sent to Canada at the age of 16 to live with an uncle. He apprenticed to Boston portrait photographer John Garo. On Dec. 30, 1941, he took the portrait of Winston Churchill used in the poster. Karsh titled the photo “The Roaring Lion.” “Life” magazine used the photo on the cover of a 1945 issue. The poster, which is nm and framed to 24” x 35.5”, promotes a Karsh retrospective in 1983 at the International Center of Photography in New York.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 241.  Marilyn Monroe 24” x 36” Framed Color Poster. Monroe strikes a classy pose in this poster, which shows some wrinkles (seemingly not creases) along the left side. It is housed in a plain but attractive 26.5” x 38.5” framed that appears to be solid wood.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 242.  Elvis Presley Portrait by Renowned Illustrator Bob Peak. This Presley portrait was Peak’s creation for the cover of the Aug. 15, 1981 issue of “TV Guide.” The cover promoted an article on “How TV Reacted the Day Elvis Died: A Classic Study of News Judgment.” Presley died in 1977. Peak’s mixed-media artwork depicts Elvis singing while holding a microphone and a guitar. The unnumbered 11” x 14” color print is matted and framed to 18.5” x 22.5”. The matt is imprinted with “TV Guide Cover Portrait.” Nm. Peak was a prolific illustrator who profoundly influenced the style of the modern movie poster. His awards include being named Artist of the Year by the Artists Guild of New York, eight Awards of Excellence and four gold medals from the Society of Illustrators, induction into the organization’s Hall of Fame, and a Lifetime Achievement Award from “The Hollywood Reporter.” He died in 1992.
Winning Bid $35     

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