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15 Vintage Baseball Hobby Guides – Sport Americana, SCD, Sugar, Etc.

Lot 278. 15 Vintage Baseball Hobby Guides – Sport Americana, SCD, Sugar, Etc. This collection comprises 12 softcover books and three publications in a magazine or pamphlet format. Seven books, dating as early as 1978, are from the James Beckett or Beckett and Dennis Eckes “Sport Americana” family. Here is as list of these publications: 1. “Sport Americana (Baseball Card) Checklist,” 1978 edition, 95 pages of checklists and a one-page “Price Survey,” ex. 2. “The 1979 Sport Americana Baseball Card Price Guide No. 1,” $6 edition with crude baseball drawings on the front cover, ex-m. This edition has four pages of card stock bound in with color photos of various card issues. 3. “The 1979 Sport Americana Baseball Card Price Guide No. 1,” $6.95 edition with color photos of cards on the front cover. Nm to nm-m. This edition is the same as the $6 edition except that it does not have the card stock with color photos. 4. “The Sport Americana Alphabetical Baseball Card Checklist No. 1,” 1979, vg, many notations inside. 5. “The Sport Americana Team Baseball Card Checklist No. 2,” 1985 by Jeff Fritsch and Eckes, vg+ to ex. 6. “The Sport Americana Baseball Memorabilia and Autograph Price Guide No. 1, 1982, owner’s name on the title page and some notations, vg+. 7. “The Sport Americana Price Guide to Baseball Collectibles,” by Beckett only, 1986, vg+ to ex, a few notations. “Sports Collectors Digest” contributed three hobby books to this collection: 8. “SCD Baseball Card Price Guide,” Bob Lemke and Dan Albaugh, 1987, nm-m to mint, apparently in the original shrink wrap. 9. “SCD 1887-1947 Baseball Card Price Guide,” Jeff Kurowski, 1993, ex-library, minimal markings, vg+ to ex. 10. “SCD Complete Guide to Baseball Memorabilia,” Mark Larson, 1992, ex-library, vg. Bert Randolph Sugar is represented by: 11. “The Sports Collectors Bible, Third Edition,” 1979, ex-m+. The other book is: 12. “Baseball Team Collectibles,” Don Bevans and Ron Menchine, 1994, ex. Publications in a magazine format are: 13. “The New Baseball Card Checklist Book, Second Edition,” Michael Cramer, 1981, vg+ to ex, owner’s name on front cover and title page, a few notations inside. 14. “JC’s Baseball Collectibles Price Guide, First Edition,” John Carpentier, undated, circa 1988, vg+ to ex. And finally, a pamphlet: “1995 Vintage Baseball Glove Pocket Price Guide – No. 3,” Joe Phillips and Dave Bushing,” ex. Winning Bid $40.    

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       Winning Bid  $40


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