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Non-Sport Cards

  3 Lots      

Lot 172.  1911-12 T99 “Sights and Scenes of the World” Partial Set of 35 Cards. From a set of 50, this partial set comprises 35 different cards plus five duplicates. Among the highlights are the Arch of Triumph in Paris vg, the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris vg, the Colosseum in Rome vg-ex, the Eiffel Tower ex, the Great Sphinx g, the Leaning Tower of Pisa vg+, Niagara Falls trimmed, the Statue of Liberty vg+ and the Great Wall if China ex. Thirty-one of the 35 cards and three of the duplicates have advertising on the back for both Pan Handle Scrap and Royal Bengals. The cards with only Pan Handle Scrap are the Colosseum, the Geysers in Yellowstone, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Library of Congress (group of 35), as well as the Alps and the Lakes of Killarney (duplicates). The other cards average vg+. PLEASE NOTE: A total of 23 cards are slightly trimmed. Trimming has not been considered in assigning grades.
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 173.  3 Rare 1920s Aicardi (I-Car-De) Mayonnaise Films Stars Cards Including Lillian Gish. These 2 3/16” x 3 3/8” green-tone cards are from a set of 14, plus two variations. They were issued by James A. Aicardi & Sons of Boston. Gish, whose career spanned 1912-87, was known as the “First Lady of American Cinema.” A leading actress of the 1910s and 1920s, she starred in various W. D. Griffith films. She received a Honorary Academy Award in 1971. The stars of the two other cards are Malcolm McGregor, who appeared in 55 movies from 1922-36, and Theodore Roberts, who appeared in early Cecil B. DeMille movies. All vg-ex.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 174.  Two Sheets of 1932 E.A.N. Co. National Screen Star Stamps. Each sheet contains 18 color portraits of actors and actresses. The stars on one sheet include Robert Young, Lionel Barrymore, Clark Gable, Norma Shearer, Jimmy Durante, Helen Hayes, Buster Keaton, Robert Young, Jackie Cooper and John Barrymore. All are from the MGM studio. The sheet is separated into two sheets of nine stamps each, and the Barrymore stamp is damaged. The other sheet, with performers from Universal, include Lucille Browne, Tom Mix, June Clyde, Boris Karloff and Lew Ayers. It also is separated into two nine-stamp sheets, and stamps of James Flavin and Eddie Gibbon are damaged. Otherwise, individual stamps are ex to nm.
Minimum Bid $20     

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