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26 Issues of the “Baseball Register” from “The Sporting News,” 1941-1993.

Lot 119. 26 Issues of the “Baseball Register” from “The Sporting News,” 1941-1993. These annuals contain the season-by-season and career statistics of major leaguers, including their years in the minors. The volumes are for 1941 vg, 1946 vg, 1953 vg+ to ex, 1954 g-vg, 1959 vg+, 1960 ex, 1961 ex+, 1962 ex+, 1963 ex-m, 1964 ex-m+, 1965 p (no front cover; ex-m pages and back cover), 1969 vg+ to ex, 1970 (Seaver cover) nm, 1971 (Mays cover) vg-ex, 1973 ex+, 1974 (Rose) vg+, 1975 (Hunter) vg+, 1977 (Morgan) ex-m, 1978 (Carew) ex, 1979 (Guidry) vg, 1980 (Yastrzemski) ex-m, 1982 (Valenzuela) vg-ex, 1986 (Mattingly) ex-m, 1987 (Schmidt) ex, 1988 ex-m+ and 1993 (Sheffield) nm. Minimum Bid $40.    

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       Minimum Bid  $40


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