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Reggie Jackson Framed Display with Two Autographs.

Lot 119. Reggie Jackson Framed Display with Two Autographs. In this 15.5” x 25.75” display, Jackson’s signatures are nm-m 8 on the cover of the May 2, 1977 “Sports Illustrated” and gem mint 10 on an 8” x 10” b&w photo of the 1963 Cheltenham (PA) High School football team. Jackson was a tailback. In his junior year, he injured a knee so badly that doctors told him he would never play football again. Despite their predictions, he returned to play in the final game of the season. In high school, Jackson starred in baseball, football, basketball, and track and field. In his senior year, he received offers to play major college football and enrolled in Arizona State on a football scholarship. After his freshman year, he switched to baseball. Kevin Keating authenticated the autographs. The display is professionally double-matted and framed. Current Bid $50.    

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