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13 Sports Books – Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football – Russell, Louis, Staubach, Etc.

Lot 119. 13 Sports Books – Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Football – Russell, Louis, Staubach, Etc. All but one of these books, which is noted, are paperbacks. They average ex and include works by Eliot Asinof, David Halberstam and Arthur Daley and articles by Damon Runyon and Ring Lardner. The collection includes five baseball books: “Eight Men Out,” Eliot Asinof, 1963; “Summer of ’49,” David Halberstam, 1989; “Baseball’s Unforgettables,” Mac Davis, 1966; “‘Sports Illustrated’ Great Moments in Baseball,” Bill Gutman, 1987; and “More Strange But True Baseball Stories,” Howard Liss, 1972 Random House hardback with an illustrated cover, no dust jacket. Basketball and boxing are each represented: “Champion: Joe Louis, Black Hero in White America,” Chris Mead, 1985, and “Go Up for Glory,” Bill Russell, 1966. One of the football books, “Kick-Off!” edited by Ed Fitzgerald, 1948, has chapters by various writers on such stars as Red Grange, Knute Rockne and Bronko Nagurski. The book is vg. Here is a list of the other football books: “Time Enough to Win,” Roger Staubach, 1980 first printing; Jerry Kramer’s Farewell to Football,” edited by Dick Schaap, 1969, two copies; “Pro Football’s Hall of Fame: The Official Book,” Arthur Daley, 1969; and “‘Sports Illustrated’ Pro Football’s Record Breakers,” Bill Gutman, 1987. Minimum Bid $10.    

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