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Oakland 1972 and 1973 World Series Programs and the Generic MLB 1974 Program.

Lot 113. Oakland 1972 and 1973 World Series Programs and the Generic MLB 1974 Program. Before 1974, each World Series team published its own program. Major League Baseball switched to a single program for both cities in 1974. The A’s conquered the Reds, Mets and Dodgers in consecutive order beginning in 1972. The program for 1972 is ex+; for 1973, ex-m, and for 1974, nm. The A’s programs, each containing 76 pages, are similar to yearbooks, offering extensive coverage of the home team. Cincinnati and New York are barely acknowledged. The 1974 program remedies this imbalance by devoting nine of 64 pages to the teams actually participating in the World Series. Apparently that’s called progress. The MLB publication presents articles on Hank Aaron, NBC, baseball managers, Dizzy Dean, Lou Brock, the Hall of Fame and teams that didn’t make it to the World Series. Winning Bid $35.    

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       Winning Bid  $35


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