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Baseballs Signed by 4 Negro Leagues HoFers – Leonard, Bell, Johnson and Dandridge.

Lot 102. Baseballs Signed by 4 Negro Leagues HoFers – Leonard, Bell, Johnson and Dandridge. With Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard (died 1997) was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1972. One of baseball’s top 50 players of all time, he was considered to be the Negro Leagues’ equivalent of Lou Gehrig. James “Cool Papa” Bell (d. 1991) joined Leonard in the Hall of Fame in 1974. A center fielder, he was one of baseball’s fastest players. Judy Johnson (d. 1989), superb at third base, followed in 1975. Ray Dandridge (d. 1994), another third baseman and a strong hitter, was a member of the Class of 1987. Leonard, at No. 47, and Bell, at No. 66, made the “Sporting New’s” list of top 100 players of the 20th century. Each of these four Hall of Fame members signed the sweet spot of an official baseball. Leonard’s signature is mint 9 on a mint ONL William White baseball; Bell’s, nm 7 across the west panel, SS and east panel of another mint William White ball; Johnson’s, mint 9 on an nm-m OAL Bobby Brown ball; and Dandridge’s, mint 9 to gem mint 10 on an ONL White ball. Kevin Keating authenticated all four autographs. The Leonard and Bell signatures come with PSA/DNA Certificates of Authenticity. Winning Bid $248.    

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       Winning Bid  $248


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