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New York Yankees

  19 Lots       »   

Lot 4.  Scarce Babe Ruth Forever Collectibles 2004 Original Edition 36-inch Bobblehead. From the Cooperstown Collection, this bobblehead is sold-out and very seldom offered. Search the Internet, and there’s a strong chance you won’t find even one. (Examples from a more recent issue may be available.) Wearing New York Yankees’ pinstripes and holding a piece of lumber, Ruth stands 32” tall on a 4” pedestal, which is slightly more than 14” in diameter. The pedestal lists the bobblehead as No. 58 of only 100 produced. A Cooperstown Collection plaque stands on the pedestal in front of Ruth. Nm. WE'VE ADDED A PHOTO WITH A NORMAL-SIZED BOBBLEHEAD FOR PERSPECTIVE. SHIPPING WILL BE APPROXIMATELY $40 TO LOCATIONS SUCH AS NEW YORK, AND $75-80 TO LOCATIONS IN THE WEST (Continental U.S.). You don’t have to be a Yankees fan to enjoy this delightful and rare collectible!
Winning Bid $600     

Lot 6.  Billy Martin Autographed OAL Bobby Brown Baseball. Martin’s signature is mint 9 on the baseball’s sweet spot. The ball is white to off-white with strong printed areas and light discoloration away from the signature. In addition, at some point, someone placed a small sticker with Martin’s name on the south panel, and “Mar” shows now that the label is gone. The ball can be displayed so that only the bold autograph of the battling player and manager shows. Martin played for four world championship Yankees teams and managed the 1977 team to World Series success. In a 1987 poll of 600 former major leaguers, Martin ranked as the eight best manager of all time. He died in a car crash on Christmas Day, 1989. Authenticated by Kevin Keating and JSA Authentication. The JSA Auction Letter of Authenticity may be exchanged at a discount for a full LoA.
Winning Bid $198     

Lot 7.  Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle Signed 8” x 10” B&W Photo. This photo boldly displays autographs of both Hall of Fame New York Yankees greats. Berra’s is mint 9, and Mantle’s nm-m 8 to mint 9. The photo is triple-matted to 12.75” x 14.75. Berra passed away in September. In 1998, “The Sporting News” rated him the 40th greatest baseball player of all time. Johnny Bench and Josh Gibson were the only catchers that placed higher. He was an All-Star in 15 consecutive seasons and a three-time A.L. MVP. Mantle, also an MVP three times, died in 1995. KEVIN KEATING AND JSA AUTHENTICATION AUTHENTICATED THE AUTOGRAPHS. THE JSA AUCTION LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY MAY BE EXCHANGED AT A DISCOUNT FOR A FULL LOA.
Winning Bid $218     

Lot 15.  Babe Ruth and 25+ Other Autographs on a “Pennant National League” Ball. It’s likely that this ball was signed in 1920s. MAGNIFICATION REVEALS THAT MOST OF THE SIGNATURES, AND POSSIBLY ALL, HAVE BEEN NEATLY TRACED OVER IN VINTAGE FOUNTAIN PEN. The Ruth signature, which has been traced over, is on the sweet spot with a signature of K M Landis and one other. The north panel has the autographs of Sherrod Smith, Joe Judge, Owen (Donnie) Bush, Stanley (Bucky) Harris, E.R. Morrison and one other; the south panel, Lena Blackburn, Ray Caldwell and five more; the east, Steve O’Neill, Urban Shocker, Sam Jones, U.C. (Red) Faber, F. Reiber and two others; and the west panel, Matty Matthews, Jack McCallister, Mike McNally, Joe Shaute, Hod Eller and two unknown. Generally, the autographs are dark but frequently incomplete as a result of scuffs on the ball’s surface. Ruth’s signature is essentially complete, and the tracing is not obvious. The ball was originally signed by an interesting and eclectic group, including some great names! Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $433     

Lot 16.  Mike Petronella Signed ORIGINAL Pencil Drawing of Babe Ruth. Porcelain collector plates Petronella designed for Sports Impressions helped earn him a place among the elite of sports artists. More recently, his caricatures and cartoons have appeared in such publications as the “National Sports Daily,” the “The New York Times” and New York’s “Daily News.” His sports lithographs are widely collected. This “Sultan of Swat” pencil drawing on 15” x 20” board is an unpublished original from Petronella’s portfolio. It presents two images of Ruth, including an appealing head and shoulders portrait. The artist signed it “M Petronella.” This one-of-a-kind artwork will make an outstanding addition to a New York Yankees or Babe Ruth collection.
Winning Bid $484     

Lot 19.  "Old Yankee Stadium" Original Artwork Featuring Babe Ruth by Harry Glaubach. Widely heralded for his folk art creations in wood, Glaubach completed this detailed masterpiece in 2007. Measuring 26.5” x 48”, it recognizes Yankee Stadium as “The House that Ruth Built” and even provides a die-cut image of him amid a stadium filled with fans and punctuated with advertisements for Nathan’s hot dogs, Pepsi Cola and Topps Gum. The scene is constructed from paint and wood, including die-cuts of eight players. In the lower right, the artwork is labeled a “Harry Glaubach Orig(inal) 2007, and on the back, it is titled and signed by the artist. Glaubach’s works have been commissioned by such varied stars as Darryl Strawberry, Lou Piniella and James Cagney. An impressive, one-of-a-kind work of art!
Minimum Bid $800     

Lot 48.  Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Duke Snider Signed 8” x 10” Color Photo. Mint 9 to gem mint 10 autographs by the three best center fielders of the 1950s on a photo of artwork by Flip Amato. All are in the Hall of Fame. Mantle retired with 536 home runs, 1,509 RBI and a .298 career batting average; Mays, with 660 home runs, 1,903 RBI and a .302 average; and Snider, with 407 home runs, 1,333 RBI and a .295 average. Only Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth hit more home runs than Mays in the pre-PED era. KEVIN KEATING AND JSA AUTHENTICATION AUTHENTICATED THE AUTOGRAPHS. THE JSA AUCTION LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY MAY BE EXCHANGED AT A DISCOUNT FOR A FULL LOA.
Winning Bid $240     

Lot 57.  Yogi Berra Single-Signed OAL Budig Baseball. Berra’s signature is nm-m 8 on the sweet spot. One of baseball’s top several catchers of all time, Berra passed away in September. The Budig baseball has strong printed areas and is white to off-white with light discoloration on the east and west panels. KEVIN KEATING AND JSA AUTHENTICATION AUTHENTICATED THE AUTOGRAPH. THE JSA AUCTION LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY MAY BE EXCHANGED AT A DISCOUNT FOR A FULL LOA.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 58.  Joe DiMaggio Single-Signed Baseball. DiMaggio placed an nm-m 8 to mint 9 autograph on the sweet spot of a Rawlings Official League baseball, which is white with strong printed areas and light scattered discoloration behind the signatures and elsewhere. ESPN placed DiMaggio 22nd on its list of top 20th century U.S. athletes; only six baseball players ranked ahead of him. KEVIN KEATING AND JSA AUTHENTICATION AUTHENTICATED THE AUTOGRAPH. THE JSA AUCTION LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY MAY BE EXCHANGED AT A DISCOUNT FOR A FULL LOA.
Winning Bid $178     

Winning Bid $102     

Lot 65.  Mickey Mantle Autographed Mike Petronella 10” x 13.5” Print. Nm-m 8 autograph on a color print titled “The Mick.” The print, which shows some light damage at the top and bottom from some type of spray, is matted to 14” x 19”. Petronella signed the matt. The photo has three strong images of Mantle. KEVIN KEATING AND JSA AUTHENTICATION AUTHENTICATED THE AUTOGRAPH. THE JSA AUCTION LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY MAY BE EXCHANGED AT A DISCOUNT FOR A FULL LOA.
Winning Bid $100     

Lot 95.  Reggie Jackson 1993 Limited Edition Hall of Fame Induction Bat. Inscribed in gold with Jackson’s name and date of induction, the 34” Louisville Slugger bat is nm-m. Numbered 377 of 1,000, it includes the Hall of Fame logo.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 97.  Babe Ruth Cooperstown Bat Co. Immortals Series Limited Edition Bat. The highlight of this decal-style bat is an image of Ruth on the barrel with “The Sultan of Swat” placed above. The 34” bat, numbered 487 of 1,000 produced, is nm-m to mint.
Winning Bid $141     

Lot 98.  Danbury Mint Figural Display of the 1961 World Champion New York Yankees. Issued in 1999, this display presents figures of Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Bobby Richardson, Tony Kubek, Elston Howard, Bill Skowron, Clete Boyer and Ralph Houk. The figures themselves are approximately 6” tall on a ½” base. The display is approximately 28” long and 3 ¾” across. Nm-m.
Winning Bid $156     

Lot 102.  1960 Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Yankees World Series Program. The 52-page program is scored for Game 3, one of the Yankees’ three victories, all blowouts. With strong performances from Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle and Bobby Richardson, the Yankees won, 10-0. A team photo of the Yankees forms the front and back program cover, which is ex+. The pages are nm with photos and brief biographical sketches of the New York and Pittsburgh players.
Winning Bid $75     

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