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Multi-Sport Card Set

  1 Lot      

Lot 183.  1954 Quaker Sports Oddities Nm+ to Nm-M Set of 27 by Jimmy Evans. This is one of those great little multi-sport sets that tend to exist in obscurity because they typically are not listed in single-sport price guides. Distributed in packages of Quaker Puffed Wheat and Rice, this set contains such widely recognized sports and related entities as Bronko Nagurski, the Harlem Globetrotters and Eddie Rickenbacker, and such inconspicuous figures as Jimmy Smilgoff and a Pardeeville, WI, killdeer. Evans was a sports columnist. Here is the checklist and the sports represented: 1 Johnny Miller (football), 2 Fred Snite, Sr. (golf), 3 George Quam (handball), 4 John B Maypole (speed boating), 5 Harold Levitt (basketball), 6 Wake Forest College (football), 7 Amos Alonzo Stagg (football) nm-m, Catherine Fellmeth (bowling), 9 Bill Wilson (golf), 10 Chicago Blackhawks (hockey), 11 Betty Robinson (track), 12 Dartmouth vs. Utah (basketball), 13 Ab Jenkins (auto racing), 14. Eddie Rickenbacker (auto racing) nm+, 15 Jackie LaVine (swimming), 16 Jack Riley (wrestling), 17 Carl Stockholm (biking), 18 Jimmy Smilgoff (baseball), 19 George Halas (football) nm+, 20 Joyce Rosenboom (basketball), 21 Squatters’ Rights (baseball), 22 Richard Dwyer (skating), 23 Harlem Globetrotters (basketball) nm-m, 24 Everett Dean (basketball), 25 Texas vs. Northwestern (football), 26 Bronko Nagurski (football) nm-m and 27 Yankee Stadium (baseball). With one exception, which is vg, the cards in this set are nm+ or better; 21 grade nm-m, and 5, nm+.
Winning Bid $110     

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