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Hockey Autographs

  5 Lots      

Lot 138.  179 Hockey Autographs – 46 by 20 Different HoF Players – Roy, Yzerman, Bourque, Etc. These autographs are on photos in 20 different hockey magazines. Almost all of the signatures are nm-m 8 or better. A complete list of the autographs follows. Most are on black & white photos. Covers, which are all in color, and color photos inside are indicated. Almost all of the color photos inside are full-page. In a moderate number cases, photos are signed on back-to-back pages. Where a player’s name is listed twice, he appears in two different magazines. Here is the list: Greg Adams (2), Tom Barasso (cover, April 1986 “Hockey Stars”), Jean Beliveau (cover, Feb. 1967 “Hockey Illustrated”), Jim Benning (3, 2 color), Allan Bester (2), Doug Bodger (color), Mike Bossy (3, 2 color), Ray Bourque (color), Johnny Bower, Aaron Broten (3, 2 color), Randy Carlyle (2 color), Jimmy Carson (color), Joe Cirella (cover, 1987, Vol. 1, No. 3 “Hockey Heroes” plus 2, 1 color), Bob Clarke (cover, March 1975 “Hockey Illustrated’), Paul Coffey (cover, Feb. 1986 “Hockey Scene”), Yvan Cournoyer (2), Alex Delvecchio, Billy Deriago (4), Dick Duff (4), Phil Esposito (cover, March 1976 “Hockey Illustrated”), Mike Foligno (2), Dave Gagner (2, 1 color), Gerard Gallant, Eddie Giacomin (2), Thomas Gradin (3, 1 color), Gerry Hart (2), Phil Housley (2 color), Mark Hunter, Jim Kyte (2, 1 color), Tom Laidlaw (2, 1 color), Steve Larmer (3 1 color), Rod Langaway (2, 1 color), Reed Larson (2, 1 color), Reed Larson (4, 1 color), Kenny Linseman (3), Hakan Loob (cover, Jan. 1985 “Hockey Illustrated” and 3 more), Kevin Lowe (3, 2 color), Brian MacLellan (2, 1 color), Peter Mahovlich (3, 1 color), Dan Maloney, Brad McCrimmon (3, 2 color with one and a two-page center-fold), Brad McCrimmon (2 color), Lanny McDonald (cover, March 1983 “Hockey Illustrated” plus 5 more), Tony McKegney (3, 1 color), John McKenzie (cover, June 1972 “Hockey Illustrated” plus 3 as John Pie McKenzie), Joe Mullin (color), Larry Murphy (2, 1 color), Troy Murray (3, 1 color), Mats Naslund (2, 1 color), Mats Naslund, Bernie Nicholls (shared cover, Nov. 1989 “Hockey Heroes” plus 1 on a color page inside), Ulf Nilsson, John Ogrodnick (3, 1 color), John Ogrodnick (color), Mark Pavelich, Barry Pederson (2), Steve Penney (color), Pierre Pilote (3), Denis Potvin (2, 1 color – inside back cover), Dave Poulin (2), Brian Propp (4), Patrick Roy (cover, Dec. 1986 “Hockey Stars”), Don Saleski (2), Ulf Samuelson (cover, Jan. 1988 “Hockey Stars”), Doug Sheddon (color), Peter Skriko (color), Peter Stastny (2, 1 color), Scott Stevens (4), Scott Stevens (2), Rich Sutter, Toni Tanti (3), Dave Taylor (4, 2 color), Pierre Turgeon (color), Rogie Vachon (cover, April 1978 “Hockey Illustrated” and 3 more), Rick Vaive (cover, Feb. 1983 “Hockey Illustrated” and 3 more), Jay Wells (2, 1 color), Doug Wilson (2, 1 color), Doug Wilson (4), Doug Wilson (4) and Steve Yzerman (3). The magazines are: “Hockey Heroes,” 1987 Vol. 1, No. 3 and Nov. 1989. “Hockey Illustrated,” Feb. 1967, Jan. 1968, June 1972, March 1975, March 1976, April 1978, Feb. 1983, March 1983, Jan. 1985 and April 1989. “Hockey Pictorial,” April 1979. “Hockey Scene,” Feb. 1986 and Feb. 1987. “Hockey Stars,” Feb. 1986, April 1986, Dec. 1986 and Jan. 1988 (2, different signers). Kevin Keating authenticated the autographs.
Winning Bid $161     

Lot 139.  AHL Cleveland Barons 1996 Reunion Poster Autographed by 40 Players. The Barons competed in the American Hockey League from 1937-72. During that time, they captured nine Calder Cups, awarded to the league champion. Cleveland also had a Barons NHL team from 1976-78. And from 1972-76, Cleveland was represented in the World Hockey Association by the Crusaders. Award-winning artist Lou Davas created the artwork for the 10.25” x 17.25” poster, No. 4 of 67 produced. Davis received the National Cartoonist Society Sports Cartoon Award for his 1963 and 1967 work and is in the Hall of Fame of the Sports Media Association. The poster is signed by Les Binkley (twice), Steve Kraftcheck, Fred Glover, Howie Glover, Ray Ross, Johnny Bower (Hall of Fame member), Jackie Gordon (coach who led the Barons to the Calder Cup in 1957), Cal Stearns, Jim Moore, Bill Needham, J B (Peg) O’Neil, Earl Bartholomew, Tom Williams, Larry Zeidel, Grant Erickson (played also for the Crusaders), Aldo Guidolin (HoF), Wayne Schultz, Glenn Sonmor, Dennis Turchek, Tom Williams, Ian Cushenan, Ron Attwell, Bob Bailey, and others. Cleveland Crusaders also signed: Gilles Miloche, John Hanna (player and coach), Gerry Pinder, Skip Krake, Paul Shmyr, Ray Clearwater, Ron Anderson, (Ron) Bucky Buchanan and Ron Ward. The signatures are nm-m 8 and better. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. Also included is a photocopied poster signed by Binkley.
Winning Bid $125     

Lot 140.  Mario Lemieux Autographed 24” x 32” Duostar Poster. Lemieux applied a large mint 9 signature to this colorful poster, which has some small edge tears and surface creases. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. Impressive!
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 141.  Sidney Crosby Autographed Jersey. Crosby’s autograph is nm-m 8 on the “7” of his #87 on the back of the RBK CCM size 48 Center Ice Authentic jersey, which is mint with the original tags. In nine NHL seasons, Crosby has won the Art Ross Trophy twice as the league’s leading scorer; the Lester B. Pearson Award-Ted Lindsay Award three times as the league’ best player; the Hart Memorial Trophy twice as the NHL MVP; and the Rocket Richard Trophy once as the leading goal scorer. He is a four-time All-Star. Kevin Keating authenticated the autograph.
Winning Bid $180     

Lot 188.  Gordie Howe Bobble Dobbles Bobbing Head. Howe placed a mint 9 autograph on the Detroit Red Wings road jersey of this 8.5” ceramic figure. Above his name, he added “Mr. Hockey.” Below, someone wrote “1071 Goals,” the total number he scored in regular-season and post-season play in junior and minor league hockey and in the NHL and WHA. He scored 801 NHL regular-season goals (including WHA totals), a number exceeded only by Wayne Gretzky. The doll is mint in the original box. Kevin Keating authenticated the signature and “Mr. Hockey.”
Winning Bid $102     

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