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Golf Autographs and Memorabilia

  5 Lots      

Lot 333.  1969 Wire Photo of Arnold Palmer – Golfer and – Gubernatorial Candidate?!! The Associated Press 7.5” x 8.75” wire photo shows Palmer signing a poster supporting his candidacy for Pennsylvania Governor during an exhibit match at the West Shore Country Club near Harrisburg. The photo, transmitted electronically, is ex with moderate-to-strong contrast, Palmer’s name in the upper right and tape stains confined to the border or captions, except for the right edge. Apparently Palmer gave a run for governor some consideration but never actively pursued political office. An uncommon photo from Palmer’s outstanding career!
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 334.  Phil Mickelson 36” x 76” Portrait from the 2013 PGA Championship in Rochester, NY. This color portrait printed on artboard ¼” thick was on display at the PGA event. It shows Mickelson from the waist up following through on a shot. It has six drilled holes in the border where it was attached to a PGA display. Nm. Shipping for this item is estimated at $150 to $200, depending on location. We’ll deliver it at our convenience within approximately 100 miles for reimbursement for round-trip gas. We’ll also deliver it if you’re on a route we’re taking to pick up consignments; check with us for details. Imagine this impressive photo with a Mickelson autograph!
Minimum Bid $35     

Lot 335.  Larry Mize Autograph on a Burlap Bag from the Masters Golf Tournament. Mize won the 1987 Masters. He added “’87” after his signature on the 17.75” x 18” bag. He competes now on the Champions Tour. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $12     

Lot 336.  Autographs of 10 Women Golfers – 5 HoFers - Alcott, Bradley, Carner, Daniel, Green. Kevin Keating authenticated these signatures, which, unless otherwise noted, are nm-m 8 or better on color 8” x 10” photos: Amy Alcott (personalized, dated 1984, b&w photo), Pat Bradley, JoAnne Carner, Jane Crafter, Beth Daniel, Tammie Green (pictured with Arnold Palmer), Michelle McGann and Dottie Mochrie (cover of the 1993 issue of “Fairway”). Also, Jane Blalock and Laura Baugh next to their photos on page sections from a publication, and Peter Jacobson as well. A total of 11 autographs.
Minimum Bid $15     

Lot 384.  16 1910 T218 Champion Athletes and Prizefighters Including 6 Golfers. The golfers are Herreshoff p, Nicholls (3) two f and 1 p, and Alex Smith (2) one f and one p. The other athletes are Collins p, Daniels (seated) g, Keating (2) one f and one p, Kiviat f, Robbins (2) both p, Sedley p, Trubenbach p-f and Williams p. One Robbins card and the Sedley and Trubenbach cards have Hassan backs; the others have Mecca backs.
Winning Bid $15     

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