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Golf Autograph and Memorabilia

  2 Lots      

Lot 111.  Arnold Palmer Signed Magazine Cover Featuring Christopher Paluso Artwork. Palmer’s autograph is nm-m 8 to mint 9 on the cover of the March-April 1993 issue of “Legends Sports Memorabilia.” The cover displays a montage of three images by Paluso, widely known and respected for his portraits. Kevin Keating authenticated the autograph.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 120.  Sports and Non-Sport Collection – Golf, Baseball, Football, Etc. Nine items make up this collection: 1. “World Champions Yankees Dynasty” 18” x 27” banner, blue and red on white cloth. The banner lists 22 championships from 1923-78. Ex. 2. 1977 Greater Greensboro Open 40th Anniversary Ezra Brooks bourbon decanter by Heritage China. Several chips and cracks, displays decently, 7.25” wide x 3” deep x 9” tall. 3. Size medium sweatshirt by Logo 7 with the Super Bowl XIX logo and the date, Jan. 20, 1985. Ex-m. 4. “Willie Mays” by John Grabowski, youth book from the Chelsea House “Baseball Legends” series, vg+ hardback, no dust jacket as issued, 1990. 5. 1940 program, San Francisco Junior College vs. San Mateo Junior College, 8 pages, excellent vintage cover artwork. Vg+ with score added to front cover. 6. Franco Harris unsigned Pro Football Hall of Fame b&w photo. Nm. 7. Deacon Jones 8.25” x 11” color photo promoting his “All Pro Limousine Service.” Vg+ to ex. 8. 1945 Fort Worth, TX, 16-page football program. Vg+ to ex. The program shows an injured World War II veteran on the cover and promotes “Victory Bonds.” Team photos of Fort Worth’s six high school teams are inside. 9. “Information Please 1952 Almanac,” San Francisco Call Bulletin Edition by John Kieran, g-vg.
Winning Bid $20     

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