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Harry Glaubach Original Folk Art

  2 Lots      

Lot 19.  "Old Yankee Stadium" Original Artwork Featuring Babe Ruth by Harry Glaubach. Widely heralded for his folk art creations in wood, Glaubach completed this detailed masterpiece in 2007. Measuring 26.5” x 48”, it recognizes Yankee Stadium as “The House that Ruth Built” and even provides a die-cut image of him amid a stadium filled with fans and punctuated with advertisements for Nathan’s hot dogs, Pepsi Cola and Topps Gum. The scene is constructed from paint and wood, including die-cuts of eight players. In the lower right, the artwork is labeled a “Harry Glaubach Orig(inal) 2007, and on the back, it is titled and signed by the artist. Glaubach’s works have been commissioned by such varied stars as Darryl Strawberry, Lou Piniella and James Cagney. An impressive, one-of-a-kind work of art!
Minimum Bid $800     

Lot 20.  Fenway Park One-of-a-Kind Original Folk Art by Harry Glaubach. A second-generation wood carver, Glaubach created his first Bas-relief wood sculpture more than six decades ago – when he was only 9. He learned the craft from his father, a woodworker and cabinetmaker born in Europe. Over the decades, he has created many works of folk art, using primarily pine and paint. More recently, he has concentrated on paying homage to the country’s great baseball parks. His works have been sought by Mickey Mantle, Darryl Strawberry, George Steinbrenner and others associated with Major League Baseball. In this Fenway Park original, he has placed seven die-cut Red Sox players wearing red and white uniforms in the foreground; two are in front of the “Green Monster.” In the background, he has provided a fan-packed grandstand, the scoreboard, a sign recognizing “The Great Yaz,” and delightful vintage advertising signs for Bean Soup, the Jimmy Fund, the Fenway Frank and Boston Beer. Plywood, some die-cuts, and paint are the materials Glaubach brought together to create this 24” x 48” three-dimensional unique folk-art masterpiece. He signed it on the back and dated it 2007. Please note the size; Glaubach has produced some smaller displays with fewer players and less detail. This artistic gem is a large representation of the house Babe Ruth did not have to build; it was already there when he arrived – and it’s still standing!
Winning Bid $200     

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