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Football Memorabilia and Autographs

  6 Lots      

Lot 46.  1936 Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Program for a Game Including Bronko Nagurski. Pittsburgh joined the fledgling NFL in 1933. Through 1939, the team was known as the “Pirates.” The Bears can trace their roots to the league’s formation in 1920, although 1921 was their first season in Chicago. The cover of the 30-page program for an Oct. 4 game shows writing, a small stain, and game action at Forbes Field. The interior, which is ex-m, has a two-page team photo of the Pirates, including owner Art Rooney, and numerous advertisements. Besides Nagurski, Chicago’s starting lineup included four other players who have been enshrined in the Pro Hall of Fame: Bill Hewitt, Joe Stydahar, Dan Fortmann and George Musso. Some front-cover defects aside, the program is ex and very scarce.
Winning Bid $196     

Lot 47.  New York Giants Rare 1938 Program with HoF Back Tuffy Leemans on the Cover. The 1938 Giants defeated Green Bay Packers to secure the NFL Championship. This eight-page program (plus covers) is for a Nov. 6 game at the Polo Grounds with the Cleveland Rams. It is ex with a light vertical fold. Chuck Cherundolo is one of five Rams pictured.
Winning Bid $99     

Lot 48.  2 Rare 1944 Programs for the NFL Brooklyn Tigers. From 1930-43, Brooklyn’s entry in the National Football League was known as the “Dodgers.” When the team declined with the loss of coach Jock Sutherland and players to World War II, management attempted to revive fan interest by re-branding the team as the “Tigers.” The attempt failed, and the team merged with the Boston Yanks for 1945. The programs are for an Oct. 15 game with the New York Giants and a Nov. 12 game with the Washington Redskins. Popular football cover artist Lon Keller created the image of the Tiger used for both programs, which have the score added to the cover. Otherwise, the programs are ex, each with 16 pages. Tigers players pictured include Bruiser Kinard and Pug Manders. A photo of Sammy Baugh is in the Redskins program.
Winning Bid $132     

Lot 49.  1950 Cleveland Contract Signed by HoF Members Bert Bell and Paul Brown. Browns lineman Lindell L. Houston also signed. Brown (died 1991) is in the Hall of Fame for his success as the Browns’ coach, and Bell (d. 1959) contributed significantly to the growth of the league as its first commissioner. Houston died in 1995. All of the signatures are 10s and have been authenticated by Kevin Keating. The contract calls for Houston to receive $6,000 for the season. The back of the contract is initialed by Houston and Brown in acknowledgement of a $300 bonus paid to Houston for the 1949 season.
Winning Bid $187     

Lot 50.  Bruiser Kinard Vintage Autograph. A star tackle for the University of Mississippi, the Brooklyn Dodgers-Tigers of the NFL and the New York Yankees of the AAFC, Kinard is in the College and Pro Halls of Fame. He was enshrined at Canton in 1971. His autograph is mint 9 to gem mint 10 on lined paper measuring 3.75” x 5” with four other autographs. Kinard’s signature could be framed so that neither the lines of the paper nor the other autographs show. The other signers are Kinard’s Brooklyn teammates – (Walt) Fuzzy Fedora (died 1968), Herman Hodges (d. 2000), Dean McAdams (d. 1996) and (Jim) Happy Sivell (d. 1997). Kinard died in 1985. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 51.  Autographs by 11 Pro Football HoFers and a Super Bowl MVP – Hirsch, Long, Smith, Etc. Mark Rypien is the only signer who is not in the Hall of Fame. He earned two Super Bowl rings with the Washington Redskins during his peripatetic career. He signed a 9” x 11.75” color magazine page and added “Super Bowl XXVI ‘M.V.P.’” Two autographs are on 8” x 10.75” color magazine pages – Howie Long and Bruce Smith (Buffalo Bills). Earl Campbell and Crazyleges Hirsch autographed 9” x 10.75” pages. Campbell’s signature is displayed on a color page, and Hirsch, one two b&w pages. A 5” x 7” color photo is signed by Bob Lilly. The other six autographs are on Hall of Fame b&w postcards: Herb Adderley (signed on front and back; the signature on the back is personalized and dated “1-9-96”), Morris “Red” Badgro, Chuck Bednarik, George Connor, Dante “Gluefingers” Lavelli and George Musso. The autographs are nm-m 8 and better, and predominantly mint 9 and gem mint 10. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $60     

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