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Football Cards, Autographs and Memorabilia

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Lot 75.  1952 Chicago Bears Team-Issued Player Postcards, Facsimile Autograph Sheet, Etc. Future Hall of Famer George Connor heads a list of 3 ½” x 5 9/16” postcard-sized photos that also includes Jim Dottley, Wayne Hansen, Jim Keane, Don Kindt (2) and Billy Stone (2). Vg-ex to ex-m with names written in pencil on the blank back. The 8 ½” x 11” facsimile team sheet has examples of the autographs of George Halas, Connor, George Blanda, Bulldog Turner, Paddy Driscoll, Johnny Lujack and many others. It was folded twice for mailing. Also included are two mimeographed letters responding to fans on team letterhead (with envelopes).
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 76.  290 1980 Topps Football Cards – Includes Payton, Anderson Rookie, Etc. From a set of 528 cards, this group includes 267 different. Among them are #28 Joiner nm, 35 Griese nm, 70 White nm, 78 Lofton nm-m, 110 Newsome (2) one nm-m and one nm, 160 Payton nm-m, 170 Anderson rookie ex-m+, 189 Eller nm-m, 266 Stenerud nm-m, 310 Guy ex-m+, 449 Upshaw nm+, 485 Csonka nm+ and 489 Hendricks nm-m. The other cards average nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 77.  1982 Topps Football Set of 528 – Taylor, Lott and Munoz Rookies Plus Payton. Highlights include #51 Munoz rookie, 302 Payton, 434 Lawrence Taylor rookie nm+, 486 Lott rookie nm+ and 488 Montana nm+. Nm overall.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 78.  1983 Topps Football Near Set – 395 of 396. Key cards are #4 Montana, 36 Payton nm, 38 Singletary rookie nm-m, 169 Montana nm and 294 Marcus Allen rookie nm-m. Card #33 McMahon is missing. This set is nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 79.  1984 Topps Football Set of 396 – Elway, Marino, Dickerson, Jackson Rookies, Payton, Etc. This set was assembled from a vending case. Key cards are #63 Elway rookie nm-m, 111 Long rookie, 123 Marino rookie nm-m, 195 Krieg rookie, 198 Warner rookie, 228 Payton, 280 Dickerson rookie, 303 Jackson rookie and 380 Green rookie. Nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 80.  15 Signed 8”x10” Photos – 11 by Pro Hall of Fame Players. Their autographs are nm-m 8 and better, on color photos unless otherwise noted. The HoF signers are: Willie Davis (with “HOF 81”), Len Dawson, John Hannah (with “HOF 91”), Jimmy Johnson ( “H.O.F. 94,” b&w photo), Jim Langer (“HOF 87”), Yale Lary (“HOF 79”), Larry Little, John Mackey (“HOF 1992”), Lenny Moore ( “HOF 75”), Dave Robinson and Charley Trippi (“HOF 68,” sepia photo). Other signatures are by Larry Brown, Bob Kuechenberg, Sonny Randle and Joe Washington. Washington is in the College HoF. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 81.  Roger Craig Twice-Signed Wilson Official NFL Super Bowl XXIV Tagliabue Football. Craig gained 69 yards and scored a touchdown as he and his San Francisco 49ers teammates easily defeated Denver, 55-10, in Super Bowl XXIV on Jan. 28, 1990 in New Orleans. An excellent running back and receiver, Craig also helped San Francisco to win Super Bowls XIX and XXIII. In fact, in 1986, he became the first NFL player to amass at least 1,000 yards running and receiving in the same season. Since then, only Marshall Faulk has equaled this achievement. In 1988, the Associated Press selected him as the NFL Offensive Player of the Year. He was a 2015 semifinalist for the Pro Hall of Fame. Craig signed both blank panels of the football, which is nm-m and has the date and location of the Super Bowl contest. Both signatures are mint 9. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 82.  Otto Graham Signed Photo from the 1955 Hickok Belt Award Dinner. In 1955, the Cleveland Browns’ quarterback received the Hickok Belt as the S. Rae Hickok Professional Athlete of the Year. The trophy belt had a solid gold buckle and a 4-carat diamond. In the 1950s, it was valued at $10,000. Created by the Hickok Manufacturing Co. of Rochester, N.Y., a producer of belts, the award was given from 1950-76. It was reinstated in 2012 and won by LeBron James in 2013. A member of the Pro and College Halls of Fame, Graham quarterbacked the Browns to NFL championships in 1950, 1954 and 1955. His autograph is nm-m 8 on a 7.5” x 9” photo from the awards dinner. Kevin Keating authenticated the personalized signature.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 83.  Jim Plunkett Autographed 16” x 20” Color Photo. Plunkett earned the 1970 Heisman Trophy while playing for Stanford and was the quarterback of two Super Bowl champion Oakland Raiders teams. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1990. His autograph, stretching almost 8” across the photo, is strong, displaying as nm 7 to nm-m 8 on a somewhat dark background. The photo is in an inexpensive 17” x 21” frame, and we can ship the photo, which is nm-m, framed or unframed. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 84.  Y. A. Tittle Autographed Classic 8” x 10” Football Image. Playing at Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field on Sept. 20, 1964, Tittle tossed a screen pass that the Steelers intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Just as he let go of the pass, he was smashed to the ground by 270-pound defensive end John Baker. He sustained bruised ribs and a damaged sternum. The injury effectively ended the Hall of Fame career of the 38-year-old New York Giants quarterback. In the seconds after the brutal, legal hit, “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette” photographer Morris Berman captured the bloodied Tittle on his knees. Actually, the photo earned its place in football history only after Berman entered it in sports photo competition. The “Post-Gazette” chose not to publish it because it showed no action. That changed after Berman won the 1964 National Headliner award for best sports photograph. Vg+ to ex b&w photo. Tittle’s autograph, authenticated by Kevin Keating, is a nm-m 8 to mint 9. In 1971, Tittle was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 85.  8 Pro Football Hall of Fame Autographs – Badgro, Barney, Hein, Joiner, Mack, Etc. Two autographs are on Gateway Stamp Co. “silk” cachet envelopes – Lem Barney and Charlie Joiner. The envelopes were issued in conjunction with each player’s enshrinement. The other signatures are on Jim Thorpe first day covers with the stamp issued in his honor by the U.S. Postal Service on May 24, 1984. Four were written directly on the envelopes: Morris “Red” Badgro, Jim Langer, Larry Little and Tom Mack. Two others have signature cuts applied, one with Mike Haynes, and the other, with Mel Hein. These autographs are generally nm-m 8 or better. Badgro traced over several letters in his signature, apparently when the pen skipped. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 86.  Autographs of 9 Different Heisman Trophy Winners on 3” x 5” Index Cards. The signatures average mint 9, with none less than nm-m 8, on unlined cards, except for Joe Bellino, who signed a lined card. The complete list: Terry Baker, Gary Beban, Joe Bellino , John Cappelletti, John David Crow, Archie Griffin, John Huarte, Dick Kazmaier (personalized, died 2013) and Steve Spurrier (pers.). Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 87.  3 Copies of an Arizona State Sports History Book Signed by 6 Coaches and the Author. The 302-page 2001 book is titled “Maroon Gold: A History of Sun Devil Athletics.” Each copy has been signed on blank pages at the front by famous alumni: Rob Evans, Ned Wulk, Baldy Castillo, Bruce Snyder, Bill Kajikawa and Pat Murphy, all famous Sun Devils coaches, on one page, and author Bob Eger on another. Three signers are former ASU basketball coaches: Kajikawa (died 2010), 1949-57; Wulk (d. 2003), 1948-82; and Evans, 1998-2006. Castillo (d. 2009) was the university’s track and field coach from 1953-79; Snyder (d. 2009) coached football from 1992-2000, and Murphy, baseball from 1995-2009. A sportswriter for the Arizona Republic for 31 years, Eger was named Arizona Sportswriter of the Year seven times. He passed away in 2008. Kevin Keating authenticated the signatures, which are mint 9 and gem mint 10.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 88.  “Jack Armstrong” 1936 “The Big Ten” Football Board Game Wheaties Premium. Known as the “All-American Boy,” Armstrong was a fictional character created by the General Mills company for use in its advertising. The character also became the focus of a successful, long-running radio series. General Mills issued “The Big Ten” game as a premium for its Wheaties brand in 1936. The key components are present, including the colorful mailing envelope, the football field and a large card that has the football plays on one side and the instructions for the game on the other. Five dice for playing the game and several small game pieces are missing. “Teams” and “Downs” pieces are present in a “Slide Markers-Numbered Blocks” envelope along with a slide marker. The 9” x 12” envelope, with red and blue graphics, has a tear in the upper right corner and several small holes along the bottom. The 8.5” x 11.25” field is clean and colorful with several edge creases. The plays and rules card is 11” x 17”, folded in half as intended for mailing. It has a horizontal crease in each half. The pieces display nicely, and the game should also provide an enjoyable, entertaining evening.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 89.  14 Stanford Football Programs, 1930-2007. Six of these programs are from the 1930s-50s. Eleven are home programs. Here is a complete list: 1. Nov. 29, 1930 vs. Dartmouth. Sixteen pages, all black & white. Stanford won, 14-7. Staples have been removed, and spine tears are extensive, although pages remain attached. Pop Warner is pictured as the Stanford coach. G+. 2. Oct. 15, 1932 vs. West Coast Army, 26-0. Four b&w pages. Vg. 3. Sept. 22, 1934 vs. San Jose State, 48-0. Four pages with color used inside. Monk Moscrip and Bobby Grayson are among the players on Stanford’s roster. Vg; folded twice and scored. 4. Oct. 26, 1940 vs. USC, 21-7. Twenty-four pages including covers. Norm Standlee, Hugh Gallarneau and Frank Albert are shown for the Indians. Score on the front, 1.25 spine split, vg. 5. Nov. 1, 1941 vs. Santa Clara, 27-7. Eight pages with Albert pictured. Vg. 6. Nov. 1, 1958 vs. USC, 6-29, with 20 pages plus covers. Willie Wood and Ron Mix shown for USC. Ex. 7. Sept. 21, 1962 at Tulane, 6-3. Ex. 8. Nov. 9, 1974 vs. USC, 10-34. Rickey Bell and Pat Haden shown for USC. Ex. 9. Sept. 9, 1978 vs. Oklahoma, 29-35. Billy Sims for Oklahoma. Vg-ex. 10. Sept. 23, 1978 at Illinois, 35-10. Ex. 11. Sept. 26, 1981 vs. Ohio State, 19-24. John Elway cover. Ex+. 12. Nov. 19, 2005 vs. California, 3-27. Nm. 13. Nov. 26, 2005 vs. Notre Dame, 31-38. Ex+. And 14. Nov. 24, 2007 vs. Notre Dame, 14-21. Nm+.
Winning Bid $35     

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