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Boston Red Sox

  5 Lots      

Lot 20.  Fenway Park One-of-a-Kind Original Folk Art by Harry Glaubach. A second-generation wood carver, Glaubach created his first Bas-relief wood sculpture more than six decades ago – when he was only 9. He learned the craft from his father, a woodworker and cabinetmaker born in Europe. Over the decades, he has created many works of folk art, using primarily pine and paint. More recently, he has concentrated on paying homage to the country’s great baseball parks. His works have been sought by Mickey Mantle, Darryl Strawberry, George Steinbrenner and others associated with Major League Baseball. In this Fenway Park original, he has placed seven die-cut Red Sox players wearing red and white uniforms in the foreground; two are in front of the “Green Monster.” In the background, he has provided a fan-packed grandstand, the scoreboard, a sign recognizing “The Great Yaz,” and delightful vintage advertising signs for Bean Soup, the Jimmy Fund, the Fenway Frank and Boston Beer. Plywood, some die-cuts, and paint are the materials Glaubach brought together to create this 24” x 48” three-dimensional unique folk-art masterpiece. He signed it on the back and dated it 2007. Please note the size; Glaubach has produced some smaller displays with fewer players and less detail. This artistic gem is a large representation of the house Babe Ruth did not have to build; it was already there when he arrived – and it’s still standing!
Winning Bid $200     

Lot 91.  8” x 10” Color Photos Signed by 15 Boston Red Sox – Parnell, Petrocelli, Runnels, Tiant, Etc. The list of signers comprises Bill Lee, Frank Malzone, John Marzano (died 2008, age 45), Billy Muffett (d. 2008), Mel Parnell (d. 2012), Rico Petrocelli, Pete Runnels (d. 1991), Chuck Schilling, George Scott (d. 2013), Lee Smith, Dave Stapleton, Frank Sullivan, Luis Tiant, Sammy White (d. 1991) and Norm Zauchin (d. 1999). Their autographs are strong, nm-m and better, with two showing very minor skips in the ink and several mint 9 or gem mint 10. Parnell (died 2012) was a dominant pitcher from 1948-53, twice winning more than 20 games, including an A.L.-leading 25 in 1949, and twice being slected for the All-Star team. Like Parnell, Petrocelli spent his entire career with the Red Sox. A shortstop who hit with power, he was a two-time All-Star. Runnels was a spray hitter who appreciated Boston fans and Fenway Park’s “Green Monster,” which he effectively slapped balls off for extra-base hits. He was an All-Star in Boston three times and led the A.L. in batting twice with averages of .320 and .326. In the 1970s, Tiant won at least 20 games for Boston three times. In the 1975 World Series, he did his part to bring a World Championship, winning two games and winding up with no decision in another game the Red Sox ultimately won. Scott was a talented, entertaining Gold Glove first baseman who hit was power and was recognized for wearing his batting helmet in the field. A catcher with the Red Sox in the 1950s, Sammy White was scheduled to join the Minneapolis Lakers of the NBA, but the Sox nixed the deal. After baseball, he became a professional bowler and golfer. Kevin Keating authenticated the autographs of this interesting assortment of stars, semi-stars and characters.
Winning Bid $66     

Lot 99.  Rare Budweiser Display Featuring a 2007 Boston Red Sox World Series Jersey. After the Red Sox dispatched Colorado in four games in the 103rd World Series, Budweiser issued an attractive, impressive commemorative – in limited supplies. A Red Sox “Genuine Merchandise” home jersey by Majestic with the World Series patch on the left sleeve is displayed in a frame that has the Budweiser logo printed on the inside of the glass. The logo connects with a red and silver printed “frame” with the words “Two Great Traditions” at the top. At the bottom, the years of the Red Sox’ previous World Series triumphs are boldly listed – 1903, 1912, 1915, 1916, 1918 and 2004. Our information is that only 40 of these commemoratives were produced and then given to beer distributors in the Boston area and elsewhere in the East. The framing measures 33.75” x 45.75” x 1.25” deep. This display will be an attention-grabber wherever it is displayed.
Winning Bid $148     

Lot 105.  Boston Red Sox 1986 A.L. Champions Pin and 2 Different World Series Phantoms. All three pins are nm-m, housed in jewel boxes. In designing and producing the 1986 A.L. pin, Balfour incorporated the team’s traditional socks logo. The phantoms are from 1977 and 1987. In 1977, the Red Sox finished 2.5 games behind New York in the A.L. East, and in 1987, they lost to Oakland in four games in the ALCS. Balfour manufactured both pins. The 1987 phantom is attractively designed with a representation of Fenway Park.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 208.  Tony Conigliaro Autographed 8” x 10” B&W Photo. Conigliaro’s signature is dark and contrasts nicely against his uniform. His last name, while smudged, is complete and fully readable. A favorite among Boston fans, Conigliaro was only 45 when he died in 1990 from the effects of a heart attack and stroke. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $40     

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