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Baseball Publications

  15 Lots      

Lot 110.  Reach Official Baseball Guides for 1889 and 1890 Plus Reprints for 1883-1888, 1895 and 1900. Three of these volumes are formally titled “Reach’s Official American Association Base Ball Guide” and contain information on the National League, the fledgling American Association and other leagues. The American Association folded in 1891, and the 1895 annual is “Reach’s Official Base Ball Guide.” The 1900 guide is a photocopy with red covers. Both of the original editions are inside homemade covers. The 1889 guide is missing the original front and back covers and several content and advertising pages at the end. It is a serviceable reading copy with brittle pages that have chips along many pages and tape on some of them. The original front cover of the 1890 edition is present, while the back cover is missing. The content appears to be complete; some advertising pages at the end may be missing. The pages remain pliable; a few have chips. The seven reprints, from Horton Publishing in 1989, and the photocopy are nm.
Winning Bid $225     

Lot 111.  8 Reach Official American League Baseball Guides – 1902, 1903, 1905-08 and 1909-11. These volumes contain extensive information on the American and National Leauges and the minors. They are well illustrated with photos. The 1902 guide, the first to have the familiar green cover, is a nm reprint. The others are originals. Here is a brief description of each guide: 1903, complete, green tape on the spine, large section of the bottom right corner of the cover missing, covers loose from the pages, which are vg-ex, 336 pages. 1905, apparently complete except for the front cover, hand-made front cover applied, covers loose from the 360 pages, which generally are ex. 1906, complete, tape on the spine, g-vg with 404 vg+ to ex pages. 1907, hand-made covers, original covers missing, first six pages absent, volume ends with page 542, vg-ex pages. 1909, complete, clear tape on the spine, and tape used to hold the covers to the pages, g-vg covers, 640 vg+ to ex pages. 1910, complete, clear tape on the spine, g+ cover, 640 pages, vg-ex. And 1911, covers detached, last four pages missing, first page torn, otherwise vg and vg-ex pages. The 1911 edition is Reach’s largest, with 704 pages.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 112.  8 Reach Official American League Baseball Guides - 1911-13, 1915 and 1917-20. These guides provide history, statistics and photos from the National League, American League and the minors. In addition, the 1915 guide contains information on the short-lived Players League. Here is information on each guide: 1911, Reach’s largest with 704 pages, complete, rough covers with tape on the spine and the covers glued to the pages, which are vg to vg-ex. 1912, complete, tape on the spine, g-vg covers and 672 pages averaging vg-ex. 1913, complete, damaged covers extensively taped, 642 pages that average vg-ex. 1915, content is complete, pages average ex, and the last is 446, back cover missing, and possibly some advertising pages. 1917, pages apparently complete and vg+ at 352 except for the “Standard of Base Balls” page, front cover missing, back cover heavily damaged. 1918, complete, front cover torn loose, 352 pages, vg+ to ex. 1919, complete, 354 ex pages, covers chipped and taped. 1920, complete, 496 pages averaging ex, one-half of front cover missing, back cover present. Francis Richter became the editor of the Reach Guides in 1901. In the 1920 edition, in his review of the 1919 season, he worries about the disparity between rich and poor teams and cities and their ability to acquire top talent. His thought was galvanized by the Yankees’ purchase of Babe Ruth from Boston for the huge sum of $100,000. While monumental changes have occurred in the past 95 years, some problems apparently are eternal.
Winning Bid $152     

Lot 113.  16 Reach Official American League Baseball Guides – 1920-32, 1934, 1936 and 1941. The 1920-22 issues contain coverage of the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Photos, statistics and other information for the American and National Leagues and the minors are contained in each volume. Condition varies. Front covers are present for only the 1921, 1922, 1929 and 1931 editions only. Content is complete for most issues. Pages generally are vg to vg-ex. Here are the details: 1920, home-made front cover, covers loose, pages through #2 missing, otherwise complete with 496 pages. 1921, complete, 432 pages, green tape on the spine, edge chips and some creases on the cover. 1922, complete, large chips on the covers, 448 pages plus rules. 1923, no covers, has pages 17-489, g-vg pages. 1924, no front cover, f back cover, 552 pages. 1925, no covers, pages 9-448 plus rules through page 40. 1926, hand-made covers, pages 5-496 and rules through page 48, vg pages. 1927, hand-made covers, pages 50-262, brittle, poor. 1928, hand-made front cover, no back cover, complete through page 48 of the rules, vg pages. 1929, complete, front cover detached with significant chips, back cover taped at the spine and has some chips. 1930, hand-made cover partially glued to the original cover, complete, no back cover. 1931, complete through page 48 of the rules, damaged and taped front cover, no back cover. 1932, no covers, pages through 256. 1934, detached front cover, no back cover, apparently complete with pages through 272. 1936, no front cover, back cover taped, complete, 336 pages plus rules. And 1941, no covers, pages 5-444 present and vg-ex.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 114.  2 of 3 Baseball Guides Produced by Napoleon Lajoie – 1907 and 1908. The future Hall of Fame second baseman was responsible for “Napoleon Lajoie’s Official Base Ball Guides” issued from 1906-08. They were unique in their use of Horner and Van Oeyen photographs. The 1907 edition apparently is complete with 288 pages but without covers. Hand-made covers have been added. The pages are vg-ex. An advertisement near the back features Lajoie’s endorsement of Coca-Cola. The 1908 edition lacks a front cover and otherwise is g-vg with 288 pages. In an advertisement opposite the inside back cover, Ty Cobb promotes Coca-Cola.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 115.  Spalding Official Baseball Guides for 1895, 1897 and 1898 and 6 19th C. Reprints. Horton Publishing reprinted guides for 1883 and 1885-87 in 1987-88. They are nm-m. Publishers of the 1876 and 1878 reprints are unidentified. The 1876 issue is ex-m, and the 1878, ex. The 1876 guide is a 52-page publication titled “Constitution and Playing Rules of the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs.” The word “Guide” first appeared in the publication’s title in 1878. Early guides focus on baseball’s administrative matters. Statistics and illustrations became more important as the conclusion of the 19th century approached. The content of the original issues from 1895, 1897 and 1898 appears to be complete. A few introductory or advertising pages may be missing. All covers are missing except for the 1895 front cover, which is g+ with tape along the spine. Pages are generally vg or vg-ex.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 116.  8 Spalding Official Baseball Guides – 1900-03, 1905-07 and 1909. The 1901 guide is a 1989 Horton Publishing reprint. The others are originals. Guides for 1900, 1905 and 1909 have front covers that range from p to f. Only the 1909 issue has a back cover; the covers are attached and f-g with vg-ex pages. With one exception, the content of the issues is complete, although a few advertising pages at the back could be missing. The 1907 edition begins with page 7 and concludes with advertising that may be complete.
Winning Bid $152     

Lot 117.  Spalding 1914 and 1915 Official Baseball Guides and 4 1910s Official Baseball Records. Each of these publications contains 340 or more pages of baseball history, statistics, photos and other information. The 1914 guide is g+ to vg with some paper loss at the bottom of the spine and ex pages. The 1915 version is coverless and complete with generally vg-ex pages. The 1911 Record Book has f covers with vg-ex pages, and the 1913 edition, g-vg covers with vg+ to ex pages. The two other issues have hand-made covers and complete content with some advertising pages at the back possibly missing. The front cover of the 1919 edition is present and damaged. The pages of both issues are somewhat brittle and show some edge chips. Six publications.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 118.  12 Spalding Official Baseball Guides – 1920, 1922, 1925-30, and 1938-41. Issues for 1920 and 1922 contain information on the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Condition varies. Following is a brief description of each issue: 1920, complete, g, vg+ pages. 1922, no front cover, and otherwise, apparently complete with a detached back cover. 1925, green tape along the spine, vg covers separated for the vg-ex pages. 1926, hand-made covers, apparently complete, vg pages. 1927, f-g front cover, hand-made back cover, last four pages torn. 1928, begins on page 3, vg+ pages, back cover present. 1929, begins on page 17, hand-made front cover, vg+ pages. 1930, covers loose and f, vg-ex pages. 1938, tape on the spine, vg with generally ex pages. 1939, front cover and several pages detached, ex-m pages. 1940, vg+ to ex, better pages. And 1941, g-vg with vg+ to ex pages.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 119.  26 Issues of the “Baseball Register” from “The Sporting News,” 1941-1993. These annuals contain the season-by-season and career statistics of major leaguers, including their years in the minors. The volumes are for 1941 vg, 1946 vg, 1953 vg+ to ex, 1954 g-vg, 1959 vg+, 1960 ex, 1961 ex+, 1962 ex+, 1963 ex-m, 1964 ex-m+, 1965 p (no front cover; ex-m pages and back cover), 1969 vg+ to ex, 1970 (Seaver cover) nm, 1971 (Mays cover) vg-ex, 1973 ex+, 1974 (Rose) vg+, 1975 (Hunter) vg+, 1977 (Morgan) ex-m, 1978 (Carew) ex, 1979 (Guidry) vg, 1980 (Yastrzemski) ex-m, 1982 (Valenzuela) vg-ex, 1986 (Mattingly) ex-m, 1987 (Schmidt) ex, 1988 ex-m+ and 1993 (Sheffield) nm.
Minimum Bid $40     

Lot 120.  36 Sporting News Baseball Guides, 1942-92. “The Sporting News” issued the first of its guides in 1942. The copy in this collection is complete and vg+. Two versions of the 1943 guide are included, the regular issue, ex, and the condensed Radio Edition, f (missing the back cover and otherwise vg). Here is the list of the other guides: 1944, Willard Mullin artwork on the cover, g-vg; 1945, f-g, better interior; 1946, Hal Newhouser cover, f (no back cover, otherwise g with better pages); 1947, g (front cover tear, otherwise vg-ex); 1948, Ewell Blackwell cover, vg-ex; 1948 Radio Edition, g-vg; 1959, technically g (piece of front cover torn off and otherwise ex); 1961, ex; 1962, drawing of Babe Ruth and Roger Maris on the cover, ex; 1963, vg-ex; 1964, ex-m+; 1965, ex; 1966, cover with Sandy Koufax, Zoilo Versalles and Willie Mays, vg-ex; 1968, ex-m; 1969, Rose, Gibson and others on the cover, vg+ to ex; 1970, Harmon Killebrew and Will McCovey cover, ex; 1971, vg+; 1972, vg+ to ex; 1973, vg+ to ex; 1974, vg+ to ex; 1975, ex; 1976, vg+; 1977, nm; 1978, ex; 1981, Steve Carlton cover, ex; 1982, Tom Seaver, cover, vg+ to ex; 1984, Cal Ripken, Jr., cover, ex; 1986 through 1989, ex-m+; 1990, nm-m, and 1992, nm.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 121.  Extremely Rare “Mose’s Baseball Pomes” by Al (Mose) Bland, Cincinnati Broadcaster. Bland was the popular host of a 7-8 a.m. program called “The Morn Patrol” on Cincinnati radio station WCKY. During the 1940 baseball season, he read a different “pome” describing the game the Reds played on the previous day. Many of Bland’s compositions are long and detailed. They mention players and specific events – “Paul Derringer was our pitcher, Chicago started Big Bill Lee….” Bland’s rhymes cover the entire 1940 season, from Opening Day through Game 7 of the World Series, which the Reds won against the Detroit Tigers. His 80-page book, in a 6” x 9” softcover format, is self-published and extremely rare. It provides an interesting and entertaining perspective on the Reds’ 1940 championship season. PLEASE NOTE: Bland’s poems may be offensive to many readers. They are written in a dialect characteristic of the “blackface” era. Ex with some fading evident on the back cover. The pages are ex-m to nm.
Winning Bid $70     

Lot 122.  2 Very Scarce Issue of “Our Sports” Edited by Jackie Robinson. This short-lived magazine, which lasted only five issues, covered sports from an African-American perspective. Edited by the Brooklyn Dodgers’ barrier buster, it was officially subtitled “A New Monthly Magazine Featuring Negro Athletes.” These two magazines are the second and third issues, from June and July 1953. Monte Irvin occupies the entire cover of the June issue, which features such topics as “What White Big Leaguers REALLY Think of Negro Players” and Joe Louis’ “toughest fight” - his efforts to “KO” the “color-line clause” in the PGA constitution. There also are articles on or photos of Althea Gibson, Sam Jethroe, Ray Noble, Josh Gibson, Hank Thompson and Junior Gilliam. Tiny edge chip. Vg. The year was written on the cover and then erased. Minnie Minoso is the cover subject for the July issue, which has one article asking “Will the Yankees Hire a Negro Player?” and proclaiming that “Boston Needs a Negro Big-Leaguer.” The Yankees did, in 1955 (Elston Howard), and the Red Sox were MLB’s last team to field a black player (Pumpsie Green in 1959). The magazine also has articles on Jack Johnson, Carlos Bernier, King Tut Hutchinson, Jimmy Carter, Luke Easter, Branch Rickey and Prairie View A&M University. Football HoFer Fritz Pollard contributed an article on the “Negro Athlete Hall of Fame.” Vg+ issue. No sports publications collection could be complete without an example or two of this ground-breaking magazine.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 123.  8 Issues of “Sport” Magazine – 2 from 1946 and 6 from 1947. Joe and Dom DiMaggio are on the cover of the Sept. 1947 issue, and Tom Meany provides a 10-page article on the DiMaggio brothers and their parents inside. Another highlight is a Grantland Rice article, “I Remember (Knute) Rockne.” The cover is vg+ and the pages, ex. The lower right corner of the cover is reinforced with a small section of tape on the inside. The 1946 issues are from October, Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard cover, vg+ appearance, no paper on the spine, and November, Frank Leahy and Johnn Lujack cover, vg-ex. The 1947 issues and cover subjects are: Jan., Andy Phillip, vg+ to ex; Feb., the Bentley Brothers of the Black Hawks, vg-ex; March, Alex Groza, vg+ to ex; May, horse racing artwork, vg+ to ex, and July, Eddie Dyer and Joe Cronin, vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 124.  26 Issues of “Baseball Magazine,” 1936-52. This magazine was published monthly from 1908-52 and has been heavily relied upon by baseball historians and fans with a serious interest in the sport. We have listed each issue and the cover subject(s) - 1936: Sept. (Lon Warneke) and Dec. (Luke Appling). 1937: Jan. (Rip Collins and Jim Ripple). 1938: Jan. (Ducky Medwick), March (Arky Vaughan and others) and June (Woody Jensen and Gus Mancuso). 1939: March (action photo), May (Dick Bartell, Henry Leiber and Gus Mancuso) and June (Abner Doubleday). 1940: Feb. (hand of Fred Hutchinson gripping a baseball) and Dec. (World Series action). 1941: May (Bucky Walters) and June (Bob Johnson and Jake Early). 1942: Nov. (Billy Southworth and Joe McCarthy). 1943: Nov. (Billy Southworth and Joe McCarthy) and Dec. (Walker Cooper and Frank Crosetti). 1944: Oct. (Mort and Walker Cooper) and Nov. (Stubby Overmire, Steve O’Neill and Rudy York). 1945: Feb. (Ford Frick, Leslie O’Connor and Will Harridge), April (Giants open the season at the Polo Grounds), July (Happy Chandler) and Dec. (Steve O’Neill and Charley Grimm). 1946: Jan. (Yankees vs. Browns action) and Feb. (Pirates vs. Braves action). And 1952: Jul-Aug, (Virgil Trucks) and Sept. (Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig). Most of these issues have full-page player photos inside the front and back covers. Among these players are Paul Derringer, Larry French, Frank Demaree, Cecil Travis, Jimmy Ripple, Thornton Lee, Bobby Doerr, Honus Wagner, Ty Cobb, Max West, Claude Passeau, Lefty Grove, Walker Cooper, 1942 Yankees and Cardinals teams, Marty Marion, 1943 Yankees and Cardinals teams, George Stirnweiss, Hal Newhouser, Luis Olmo, Buddy Rosar, Luke Sewell, 1945 Cubs and Tigers teams, Andy Pafko and Paul Richards. The condition of the issues ranges from vg to nm and averages ex.
Winning Bid $185     

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