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World Series Programs and Baseball Yearbooks

  4 Lots      

Lot 101.  1958 Milwaukee Braves at New York Yankees World Series Program. It took seven games for the Yankees to claim their sixth world championship of the 1950s, and the seventh and final of Casey Stengel’s managerial career. Bob Turley, who won Game 7 in relief, earned MVP honors. The 50-page program is ex-m with photos and biographical information for the players from each team.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 102.  1960 Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Yankees World Series Program. The 52-page program is scored for Game 3, one of the Yankees’ three victories, all blowouts. With strong performances from Whitey Ford, Mickey Mantle and Bobby Richardson, the Yankees won, 10-0. A team photo of the Yankees forms the front and back program cover, which is ex+. The pages are nm with photos and brief biographical sketches of the New York and Pittsburgh players.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 103.  1969 Orioles at New York Mets World Series Program and a Scarce Game 4 Ticket Stub. Under the leadership of Gil Hodges, the 1969 “Miracle Mets” improved from a reliable cellar-dweller or second-division team to world champions. Tom Seaver accounted for one-fourth of the team’s 100 regular-season victories, and Jerry Koosman and Gary Gentry contributed another 30 wins. Despite the team’s success, the Baltimore Orioles entered the World Series as heavy favorites. In the opening game at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, they lived up to expectations, defeating the Mets’ and their ace pitcher, 4-1. Koosman’s two-hitter evened the series, and the Mets pulled ahead in the Series as Gentry and Nolan Ryan blanked the Orioles in Game 3 at Shea Stadium. In pivotal Game 4, Seaver and Mike Cuellar, aided by Eddie Watt, dueled to a 1-1 draw through nine innings. Seaver held the Orioles scoreless in the 10th, and his teammates manufactured the winning run in the bottom of the inning. Koosman pitched the Mets to a win and world championship the next day. The ticket stub shows corner wear and has two light creases in the lower left corner and a single heavy vertical crease toward the right. It is free of stains or other problems. The 52-page program, which presents Willard Mullin cover artwork, is vg-ex and unscored. A two-page Mets team color photo occupies the center spread. Players for both teams are pictured.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 104.  24 New York Mets Yearbooks, Including the First, Plus Other Memorabilia. This collection includes the yearbook from the Mets’ inaugural season (1962), their “miracle” year (1969) and the following year, which contains World Series photos. The yearbooks are for: 1962, g-vg with Willard Mullin cover art, a 1” tear, a 2” spine split and some ink marks; 1963, original edition, introduces the Mets’ mascot, vg+ to ex; 1963, final revised edition, ex; 1964 original edition, Mullin cover, vg+ to ex; 1964 final edition, Mullin cover, ex; 1965, center folio loose, vg; 1967, Tom Seaver’s yearbook debut, vg+ to ex with a name and date on the front cover; 1968, Mullin cover with Gil Hodges as manager, two-page Tom Seaver spread, color player photos for the first time, Nolan Ryan makes his first appearance, ex-m; 1969, the Mets’ championship season, vg with stay pen marks; 1970, coverage of the Miracle Mets, ex+; 1972 revised edition, tribute to Gil Hodges, ex+; 1973 revised edition, vg; 1975, Seaver cover, ex-m; 1976, nm; 1985, Gooden, Hernandez and Johnson cover, nm; 1986, the Mets’ second championship season and 25th anniversary, nm; 1987 “World Championship” edition, nm-m; 1988, nm-m; 1989-91 revised editions, nm-m; 1992 and 1993, ex-m+, and 1999, nm-m. Seven programs are also part of the collection, for 1972 vs. Cubs, 1985 (Gary Carter cover) vs. Dodgers, 1986 (two different) vs. Pirates and Padres, 1987 vs. Giants and Pirates (two different, including a “World Champions Edition,” and 1988 (Carter cover) vs. Cubs. These programs average vg. Also, “The New York Mets: The First Quarter Century,” 1986 hardback by Donald Honig, ex-m+ cover and dust jacket; an April 15, 1985 “Sports Illustrated” issue with Gooden on the cover, ex-m, and several other items.
Winning Bid $240     

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