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Baseball Pins, Jewelry and Related Memorabilia

  5 Lots      

Lot 294.  70+ Team Baseball Pins – 1940-50 League Championship, More Recent World Series, Etc. Three 1.75” simulated baseball pins celebrate “National League Champions” – the Boston Braves (1948), Brooklyn Dodgers (1947-56) and New York Giants (1951 or 1954). Other pins of special note include: “I’m Reds Hot” 1 3/8” white and red pin; Pittsburgh Pirates “National League Champions” mascot pin, 1 ¾”, black on gold, probably 1971; 1983 Orioles-Phillies World Series, red, white and blue, 3 ½”; 1989 A’s-Giants “Battle of the Bay” World Series, red, white, green and blue, 3 ½”; Cincinnati Reds 3 ½” red, white and black mascot pin with a “National League Champs 1975 Western Division” 8” ribbon, which is stained; “Go! Go! Sox Club” Chicago American green, black and white 7/8” pin; and Florida Marlins 1997 World Champions 6” team photo pin. Three recent 3” pins with the MLB logos commemorate world championships: 1903 Boston Pilgrims, 1914 Boston Braves and St. Louis Cardinals for various years, 1926-82. This collection includes 24 team logo 1 ¾” pins, apparently form the late 1970s, with the MLB logo: A’s (2), Angels, Astros, Braves (2 different), Brewers, Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers, Expos, Giants, Indians, Mets, Orioles, Pirates, Red Sox, Royals, Senators (2), Tigers, Twins, White Sox and Yankees. Pins the same size for the Milwaukee Braves and Phillies are without the MLB logo. Two 7/8” pins are 1965 Guy’s Potato Chips issues, Kansas City A’s and Milwaukee Braves. There are nine other 7/8” team logo pins: A’s (elephant with a bat), Oakland A’s (2), Astros, LA Dodgers, Indians, Reds, Senators and White Sox. Also, a ½” Cubs pin. Four blue & white Toronto Blue Jays’ 1” pins claim that “Groups Have More Fun.” Here is a list of the remaining pins: 1984 3” pins for the Washington Senators and Philadelphia Athletics; a 3.5” (White) Sox pin, a 2.25” Dodgers pin with ribbons, and two “The Swingin’ A’s” pins, one 2.25” and the other, 6”. And 14 enamel or other newer pins for the Braves, Blue Jays, Indians, Padres, Pirates, Rangers, (White) Sox, Cardinals 1926 World Series from Coca-Cola (4), Yankees 1943 World Series from Chase and 1997 Marlins World Series Champions. These pins range from ex to nm-m and average ex-m.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 295.  Brooklyn Dodgers Pins, Pen and Pencil Bats, Jewelry, Magnets, Mini-Pennant, Etc. Two blue on white 1 ¾” pins with “stitches” creating the appearance of a baseball commemorate the Dodgers’ National League titles.” These “National League Champions” pins were issued between 1947 and 1956. On ex with minor edge foxing and one nm. Four white on blue 1 ¾” pins encourage someone to “Bring the Dodgers Home to Brooklyn.” Ex to nm. A 1984 Baseball Americana 3” pin represents the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers, nm, and two 3” pins that appear to be homemade are for the Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Hall of Fame, one ex with minor foxing and one stained. A pewter “Duke 4” pin represents Duke Snider (mint, fastener missing). This collection includes a cufflink and tie clip set and another set of cufflinks. The set presents the Dodgers’ logo and is housed in a box offering “Jewelry by Squire4 authorized by Brooklyn Dodgers.” The post is separated from one of the cufflinks; otherwise, the set is ex. Two other cufflinks each have a “glove” holding faux pearl representing a baseball and are impressed with “Dodgers.” Nm. Four wood mini-bats are present – a pen and pencil promoting the Dodgers and Atlantic gasoline; a Louisville Slugger Dodgers pencil and a National League fountain pen, which shows damage to “Dodgers.” The other pencils and pen are ex-m to nm. A 3 7/8” Brooklyn Dodgers mini-pennant is ex with the tip clipped, and a 4 ¼” patch that has “Dodgers” within the stitches of a baseball is ex to ex-m. Five additional pins are enamel: a Dodgers cap; a 1955 “Brooklyn World Champions” silver and maroon pin in the shape of a pennant; a “Brooklyn Dodgers ‘55” ½” x ¾” shield pin; a Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame sponsor pin, and a “Jewel of Flatbush Ebbets Field Brooklyn N.Y. 1913” pin. Ex to nm-m. Also, a 2” x 2” Dodgers patch; a magnet with an image of a Roy Campanella 39-cent stamp; a “Brooklyn Dodger Fan Club” Good Luck item; and four magnets approximately 2” x 3” showing the exterior of Ebbets Field.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 296.  85+ Baseball Pins Featuring Baseball Players and Other Baseball Content. Two 2 ¼” pins, both nm-m, promote Major League Baseball for their cities. A nicely designed red, white and blue pin apparently supports the New Orleans Pelicans for the “Major Leagues in 1978.” Nm-m. Washington, D.C., with its “DC ‘05” pin, had more political clout – and success. The pin is b&w. A coin with a Pelican atop the Louisiana Superdome, home of the New Orleans team, accompanies the pin. Two Hank Aaron pins are among more than 50 picturing baseball players. A 2” red, white and black pin is from “Hank Aaron Night” in 1968. A 3” red, black and white on blue pin presents “Henry Aaron of the Atlanta Braves, Home Run King.” Willie Mays, Stan Musial and Babe Ruth are among the other players. Here is the complete list: Chief Bender (2), 2 ¼”, newer, homemade. Vida Blue, 3 ½” portrait, vg-ex. Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth – a drawing of each on a 2 ¼” black on orange pin for a 1973 card show. Kiki Cuyer, 2 ¼”, newer, made with an image of his Tattoo Orbit card. Larry French, Pittsburgh Pirates, 2 ¼”, newer, vg-ex. Willie Mays – 3 ½” pin, batting stance photo with New York Mets, and a 3 ½” b&w “Say Hey!” pin with artwork by Bill Gallo, vg-ex with foxing. Mark McGwire, enamel pin commemorating his 62nd home run in 1998 (does not show McGwire). Stan Musial, “Baseball Hall of Fame,” color photo showing him with a bat under his arm, 3”. “Ichiro (Suzuki) 51” pin, 1 ¼”. Babe Ruth – “Babe 3” new die-cut pin; “Babe Ruth Museum,” enamel with Ruth facsimile autograph, 7/8”; and five 2 ¼” black, white and yellow pins for a 1975 event in Baltimore. And Ted Williams, 1 ¼” b&w, newer. Also, 37 Fun Food 1984 pins (a few duplicates), including #1 Winfield, 6 Brett, 10 Fingers, 30 Carlton, 35 Carew, 43 Boggs, 86 Sutton, 106 Blyleven, 109 Ryan and 118 Ripken. Three pins are associated with baseball’s 100th anniversary in 1969: Two 3.5” MLB “Happy Birthday 100th Anniversary” pins with the Major League Baseball logo and a 1969 USPS “Professional Baseball” 6-cent stamp pin. Other pins are: three 2.25” “I Heart Baseball” pins; three 2.25” “Baseball in ‘87” pins; three Washington Nationals 2007 “Family Baseball Day” pins, 3”, two different; a Washington Senators’ 1998 Reunion 3” pin; a Louisville Bats pin; a Billy Ball 3 ½” pin; two Phillies 2001 pins, and a 1 ½” pin showing a baseball with a U.S. flag as a background. There are 13 enamel or similar pins: Unocal pin listing Dogers’ Cy Young Award winners – Drysdale, Koufax, Marshall and Valenzuela; Coca-Cola “Baseball USA”; two different SABR pins; Albuquerque 1998 Little Leage pipn; two “I Heart Baseball” pins; a UNLV Baseball pin; a “Sporting News” pin; two crossed bats pins, a baseball pin and a glove pin. Also, a 3” pin for the opening night of Shirley Povich Field in Bethesda, MD. Except as noted, these pins generally are ex or better and average ex-m.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 297.  5 Pins – Reach A.L. Ball, Washington Nationals Crossed Bats, 3 Crane Potato Chips. A 7/8” advertising pin for the A. J. Reach Co. has the outline of a baseball in blue and “Official American League Ball” printed on the sweet spot. The pinback is absent, and most of the front has turned an even medium brown. It displays decently. The blue and red on white Washington Nationals Crossed Bats pin is the 1 ¼” variety; nm. Three pins from Crane are 7/8” in diameter. The Washington Nationals red and blue on white pin does not identify Crane on the back. Ex-m. Two from 1963 do. Both are printed in blue and red on a yellow background. The Houston Colts pin is vg with rust on the rim, and the Milwaukee Braves pin, ex.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 298.  Baseball Jewelry – 7 Items - Watch Fob, 2 Tie Clips, a Batter Pin and 3 Charms. The fob, 1.5” x 1.5”, displays a batter. Attached to a leather strap, is shows some oxidation. Simulated diamonds add glitter to the 1.5” pin, also a batter, which shows wear on the red cap and socks. One tie clip is in the shape of a baseball bat; the screw-on end of the metal bat is missing. Ex. The other tie clip, also metal, has a ball and bat. Two charms by Balfour appear to be awards. One has “Champions” below a baseball, which shows wear. The other depicts a batter and is ex-m. Two other charms, a pitcher and a catcher, apparently are from a vending machine.
Winning Bid $55     

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