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Baseball Photography

  9 Lots      

Lot 130.  Babe Ruth and Other 1923 Yankees in a June 16, 1948 “Picturegrams” News Poster. The photo apparently was taken June 13, 1948, as the Yankees retired Ruth’s uniform number and celebrated the 25th anniversary of Yankee Stadium. The photo includes Hinkey Haines, Joe Bush, Waite Hoyt, Wally Schang, Wally Pipp, Bob Meusel and Carl Mays. The 16” x 19” poster, from “Illustrated Current News,” is g+ with multiple creases and a 1” tear along the bottom. It looks better. Ruth died two months after this photo was published.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 131.  Original 2-Reel 16mm Film of “The Babe Ruth Story” (1948) Starring William Bendix. While he was in his teens, Bendix met Ruth, who helped the future actor to lose his job! In the early 1920s, Bendix was the New York Yankees’ batboy. He claimed that he saw Ruth hit more than 100 home runs. Bendix was fired after meeting Ruth’s request for a large order of hot dogs and soda before a game. The Bambino ate so much that he was unable to play, and Bendix wound up unemployed. Besides being known for his role in “The Babe Ruth Story,” Bendix starred on TV in “The Life of Riley” and earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in “Wake Island.” “The Babe Ruth Story” was filmed as Ruth’s health declined. It debuted several weeks after his passing. The black & white film plays well with excellent sound.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 137.  Babe Ruth 16” x 20” B&W Reproduction Action Photo. This recent print for a vintage negative appears to capture Ruth, the opposing catcher and umpire watching a baseball slammed by the Bambino sail toward home run territory.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 166.  Early 1900s Photo of a Marine Baseball Game in Bremerton, WA. The 6.5” x 8” b&w photo shows a game in progress. Bremerton has been home to a U.S. Naval base since the early 1900s. The photo is strong and has a stain in the upper left. It is framed to 12” x 15”.
Minimum Bid $20     

Lot 167.  Everett Scott 1923 International News Photo with 3 Images of the Yankees’ Shortstop. Before Lou Gehrig, Scott held the record for consecutive games played – 1,307 from 1916-25. He now is third on the all-time list. In addition to the Yankees, Scott played for the Red Sox, Senators, White Sox and Reds and served as captain of Yankees and Red Sox teams. He helped Boston to win three world championships, and New York, one. The 3.25” x 9” photo shows Scott in three posed, progressive fielding positions. Apparently to enhance the appearance of the photo in a newspaper, the images of Scott have been lightly outlined in pencil. The top image has a chipped corner and two creases, while the two other images have an ex appearance.
Minimum Bid $10     

Lot 168.  7 Vintage Photos Including Maranville and Mack, a Baseball Magazine Poster, Etc. The earliest photo in this collection is of Ray Kremer, a pitcher who didn’t make it to the Hall of Fame. Kremer is the subject of 6.5” x 8.5” photo issued by Pacific & Atlantic Photos in Dec. 1923 after Oakland of the Pacific Coast League sold him to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Whatever the Pirates paid, it appears that Kremer was a good buy. In the next 10 seasons, he posted a 143-85 record and averaged 18 wins per season from 1924-30. The photo has a heavy crease in the lower left and a small chip in the upper left corner. 2. Rabbit Maranville with his father in a 1938 photo, 4.75” x 7.25”. It shows some light editing to enhance its appearance in a publication and has a small chip on the lower right edge. 3. AP photo, 7” x 9”, of Rick Ferrell of Washington sliding past Pinky Higgins of Boston. Undated, g-vg, apparently 1938. 4. 1944 AP wire photo, 8” x 10” plus caption, Gus Wynn of Washington tagging the Athletics’ Jo-Jo White, 0.5” tear on left edge, heavy crease in lower left, g+. 5. 1950 uncredited original sepia photo of William Harridge, the A.L. president, presenting a plaque to Connie Mack for his years of service as manager of the Philadelphia A’s. Two corners removed and three border tack holes and their names lightly written on the photo, which shows excellent contrast and is free of creases. 6. Vintage uncredited and undated 7” x 9” sepia photo of Pepper Martin. Ex. 7. Circa 1960 Wilson Advisory Staff 8” x 10” photo of Early Wynn with the Chicago White Sox. Vg. 8. Undated UPI 7” x 9.75” photo of Tris Speaker. Vintage image printed probably in the 1950s. 9. Newspaper photo of the N.L. champion Boston Braves, f. 10. Baseball Magazine 9.5” x 12” poster of the 1944 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals team. Rough around the edges; the photo is problem-free.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 169.  Framed B&W Photos of Kiki Cuyler, Gabby Hartnett and Hack Wilson. Together, these three Hall of Fame players helped the Chicago Cubs to win the N.L. pennant in 1929. They were teammates from 1926-31. The photos are approximately 11” x 14”, printed in the 1980s. They hung in a Rochester bar with a Chicago Cubs sports theme and are matted and framed to 14” x 17” (Cuyler), 17.5” x 20.5” (Hartnett) and 16.5” x 19.5” (Wilson). Each of the frames has two or three holes that were used for hanging the photos, which are nm. Cuyler was a career .321 hitter. At his retirement in 1941, Hartnett was only catcher to hit 200 home runs and drive in 1,000 runs. No on has ever equaled or surpassed Hack’s record of 191 RBI in 1930.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 170.  11 Photos from 1969-71 Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies and Activities. All photos are black & white and ex-m or better. An 8” x 10” photo from the 1969 event shows the four inductees holding their plaques – Stan Musial, Waite Hoyt, Stanley Coveleski and Roy Campanella. Commissioner Bowie Kuhn also is in the photo. The other photos are 5” x 7”. Campanella is in three, including one with Kuhn; Coveleski and Hoyt are in the background of two. In a photo from 1970 ceremonies, Kuhn is shown with Lou Boudreau. Kuhn is in two photos from 1971, one with Dave Bancroft and another, with George Weiss. Babe Ruth’s wife, Claire, is in four photos, including one that promotes the Babe Ruth silver commemorative coin, with proceeds used to preserve Ruth’s birthplace.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 171.  1969 AP Wire Photos of Orioles or Twins Celebrating American League Championships. The 1969 season marked the beginning of division competition in the majors. One photo shows Baltimore manager Earl Weaver enjoying some champagne after the Orioles captured the A.L. Eastern Division title. Another shows a celebration in the Minnesota Twins’ locker room after they won the Western Division. Frank Quilici and coach Vern Morgan are among the Twins pictured. In the third photo, the Orioles’ Mark Belanger, Elrod Hendricks and Pete Richert joke and enjoy champagne after their team swept the Twins in the first American League Championship playoff. Each about 7” x 8”, the photos were transmitted electronically to a newspaper, where they were printed on photographic paper. They average vg with decent contrast and tape stains around the edges, primarily in the borders or on the captions. One photo has surgical tape along the left and right edge, and the caption is missing. These three photos are historically interesting because of the first ALCS. In addition, Weaver, in his first season as Baltimore’s manager, won the first of four A.L. pennants.
Winning Bid $5     

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