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14 Complete “Police Gazette” Issues, 1948-59, with Boxing Covers or Color Photos Inside.

Lot 226. 14 Complete “Police Gazette” Issues, 1948-59, with Boxing Covers or Color Photos Inside. These issues also contain interesting photos and articles from other sports, and from the non-sports world as well: 1. Oct. 1948, Ezzard Charles, full page with a half-page photo. Also, a full-page article on the Louis-Walcott fight. 2. Primo Carnera (as a wrestler cover), with smaller photos of Jimmy Durante and actress Pat Hall. Articles on Charles and the Dempsey-Willard bout. 3. June 1950, Jake LaMotta vs. Sugar Ray Robinson cover. Inside, a color reproduction of an 1896 supplement featuring artwork of Peter Maher vs. Robert Fitzsimmons. 4. Sept. 1950, Will Pep (battered face) cover. Full-page color artwork inside of the 1889 John L. Sullivan vs. Jake Kilrain bout. 5. April 1951, Sugar Ray Robinson cover. Full-page color images of Ad Wolgast and Betty Grable inside. 6. Oct. 1951, Sandy Sadler and Willie Pep share the cover with Gil Hodges and another photo. Frank Erne is the “Gallery of Champions” subject (full-page color photo), and two pages focus on the Pep-Saddler “Grudge Battle.” 7. May 1951, Joe Louis cover. “Gallery of Champions” – Harry Greb full-page color photo. 8. June 1952, Jersey Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles cover, Johnny Dundee “Gallery of Champions.” 9. Floyd Patterson article inside, Abe Attell “Gallery of Champions” full-page photo. Ava Gardner and Sammy Davis, Jr. cover. 10. April 1956, Floyd Patterson on the cover with three non-sport figures. Rocky Kansas is the “Gallery of Champions” selection. Bridget Bardot and Anita Ekberg are also pictured. 11. July 1956, Carmen Basilio on the cover and Fidel LaBarba in the “Gallery of Champions.” 12. April 1957, Sugar Ray Robinson, Hitler and an actress share the cover. Gene Fullmer is the “Gallery of Champions” choice. Also, an article on the Terry McGovern vs. Frank Erne fight. 13. Nov. 1957, Floyd Patterson, Sen. Kefauver and Maureen O’Hara cover; “Gallery of Champions” with Beau Jack. 14. Oct. 1959, Ingemar Johansson with smaller photos of Ava Gardner and Elvis Presley. Johansson is pictured also in the “Gallery of Champions” and is featured in an article. Johnny Unitas is covered in Oscar Fraley’s “The Quarterback Nobody Wanted.” These issues, which average vg to vg-ex, contain excellent photos and informative and offbeat articles. Winning Bid $55.    

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       Winning Bid  $55


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