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Baseball Memorabilia

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Lot 8.  Jason Bay Louisville Slugger M9 Model I13L Black Bat Game-Used with Pittsburgh. The model, I13L, is engraved in gold on the barrel of this bat with Bay’s name and “Pittsburgh Pirates.” The 34” bat has a cracked handle and shows substantial use. Bay’s uniform number, 38, and I13 have been added in marker to the knob. Playing left and center field for the Pirates, Bay was the 2004 N.L. Rookie of the Year and an All-Star in 2005 and 2006. He is eighth on Pittsburgh’s all-time home run list. Traded to Boston in 2008, he was an A.L. All-Star the following season. He played also for the Mets and Mariners before retiring early in 2014.
Winning Bid $60     

Lot 145.  Rare Circa 1910 Box for “Piedmont” CANDY Cigarettes. At a glance, this box appears to be a vintage package for Piedmont cigarettes. Although the top looks very much like a cigarette box, however, it has the word “candy” added – making it “Piedmont Style – Candy Cigarettes.” In addition, the manufacturer is the Gardner-Lucas Co. of New York, not American Tobacco or Liggett & Myers or S. Anargyros. The Gardner-Lucas logo is on the underside of the box, where “Gramps 1911” is lightly written in pencil. The box has a ½” split along one seam and is vg. The tray has part of a tax stamp on it and may very well have come from a cigarette box. A side panel of the box assures customers that the product complies with the Food and Drug Act of June 30, 1906. The other says “Cigarettes of Quality.” It’s too bad that Gardner-Lucas didn’t use these little packs to join the earliest ranks of candy card producers!
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 146.  1938 Colored National League All Stars Reproduction Broadside Signed by Lou Dials. The 12.5’ x 18.5” red, blue and beige broadside is for a game at Wrigley Field in Chicago between the All Stars and a team composed of players from Cordoba, Veracruz and Mexico City. Vg+ to ex. It has the lineup for each team, including pitcher Chet Brewer for the All Stars. Dials was their manager and left fielder. He was an excellent hitter. In fact, he won two batting titles, although both are disputed. From 1925-45, he played primarily for the Chicago American Giants, but also for seven other Negro Leagues teams and for some Mexican teams. After he was done playing, he scouted for Houston, Cleveland and Baltimore. Dials passed away in 1994. His autograph, personalized and nm-m 8, is relatively difficult to find. Kevin Keating authenticated the signature.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 147.  Scarce 1939 Reds vs. Yankees World Series Chalkware Ashtray. We have seen only three of these ashtrays, and this is the best-looking example. Produced by Created Ideas of Cincinnati, it is in the shape of a first baseman’s mitt that surrounds a baseball-shaped tray. Logos for Cincinnati and New York are present, with “World Series 1939” and “Cincinnati” debossed in the mitt. The glove shows edge chips, and there also is a chip in the Reds’ logo. The Yankees won the series in four games.
Winning Bid $152     

Lot 148.  Hank Greenberg Louisville Slugger 16.25” Mini-Bat. Ex example showing light wear on the barrel and somewhat more use on the end.
Winning Bid $30     

Lot 149.  1958 Phillies Cigar Box Promoting Philadelphia and Major League Baseball on Radio, TV. This 9.75” x 11.5” x 3.75” heavy-paper box contained Phillies blunts and panatelas. Inside the lid is a 9.5” x 8.5” b&w photo of Philadelphia Phillies’ game action and a plastic half-baseball with red type for “Major League Baseball TV-Radio.” The lid is partially separated at the hinge, and a one-half inch tear shows at the bottom of the lid inside. The lid inside, which has a pin hole at the top, displays nicely, and the box is vg+ overall.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 150.  2 Cocktail Glasses from Stan Musial’s St. Louis Restaurant and a Musial Biography. In 1949, Musial opened the restaurant Stan Musial’s and Biggie’s with business partner Julius “Biggie” Garagani. The restaurant thrived, and Musial remained involved with the enterprise until the late 1980s. One glass is 4.5” tall and 3.5” in diameter at the top; the other, 3.25” tall with a 2.75” opening. Both glasses are nm-m. The paperback biography, from 1961 and vg, is “Stan the Man Musial” by Irv Goodman and is from the “Sport” Magazine Library.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 151.  3 Baseball Board Games – 2 Cadaco All-Star Games and a Hasbro NBC Game. The Cadaco games are from two different eras. The 1960 Cadaco-Ellis All-Star Baseball Game appears to be complete with 40 discs for Current Stars and 20 more for All Time Greats. These discs, which are ex-m to nm, have the player’s name and position, but no photo. A red A-E strategy disc may be missing, but its absence should not affect the game. The black & white A-E and F-J discs are present, as is the red F-J disc. Each seam of box lid split. The playing board and scoreboard are ex with a crease on the board. The other Cadaco game is the 1989 Original All-Star Baseball Game edition. It contains all 62 player discs, which have color photos of current players, stars and superstars. The strategy disc is present. The game seems to be complete and is ex-m with a corner crease and very small scuff on the lid. Hasbro is the manufacturer of the 1969 NBC Game of the Week Sports in Action Baseball Board Game. The game board is split along a seam, and there are no lineup cards.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 152.  Los Angeles Dodgers 1960s Batter and Dodger Stadium Full-Sized Original Pennant. A cartoon batter stands atop the “Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers” in this multi-colored and white on blue pennant. Vg+ to ex with a small spot where is the felt is missing on the horizontal stripe and some foxing that is difficult to see on the blue field.
Winning Bid $35     

Lot 153.  3 Unused Unopened 1960s-70s Popcorn Megaphones – Cardinals, Senators and White Sox. The mascot logo used by the St. Louis Cardinals from 1960-64 adorns one of these megaphones, all of which have never been unfolded. Nm with a couple of stray marks and several stress creases. The megaphone representing the Washington Senators has the team’s 1961-71 logo. A number is written on the mouthpiece, and several creases are visible, primarily on the back. The Chicago White Sox megaphone employs the1971-75 mascot logo and encourages fans to “Watch the Fighting White Sox.” Each corner at the wide end is creased. Each of these megaphones is approximately 7” across at the wide end, 2.75” at the narrow end and 10.5” long. These are very collectible examples that will contribute nicely to an attractive display.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 154.  1964 Cincinnati Reds World Series Game 1 Phantom Ticket. In a three-way race for the National League pennant, the Reds finished the season a single game behind St. Louis and tied with Philadelphia. This ticket, printed in anticipation of hosting Game 1 of the Series, is for a lower grandstand seat. Ex-m. When Cincinnati failed to win the N.L. title, the tickers were stamped “Souvenir.”
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 155.  5 Major League 1970s Full-Sized Pennants – A’s, Indians, Phillies, Royals and Tigers. All of these pennants have the team logo at the left and nickname to the right. All have three to six tack holes. All but the Oakland pennant have white fields, which show toning and foxing. The Philadelphia and Detroit pennants have strong tips; stray pen marks about 0.75” x 1.25” are on the left side of the Detroit pennant. The tip and about one inch of the Kansas City pennant are missing. The Cleveland pennant has several paint stains and a tear 2” from the tip, which is very slightly clipped. The Oakland pennant has several spots of white paint, one 0.75” in diameter and four others considerably smaller; otherwise ex.
Winning Bid $10     

Lot 156.  Reggie Jackson 1978 “Reggie!” Candy Bar Box. Curtiss produced these candy bars, which offered “Choclaty covered caramel and peanuts.” The box, 7” x 12.5” x 4” high, held 36 bars. The orange, blue and white colors of the box, which is complete, remain bold. The top of the lid has small creases in the corners and several small scuffs (0.25” or smaller). One side panel has a narrow stain-scuff combination 2” long. This is a well above average example of the box.
Winning Bid $17     

Lot 157.  Kansas City Royals Collection with George Brett and a Kansas City Chiefs Collectible. Twelve items make up this collection: 1. Brett point-of-purchase display with his image promoting “7Up Super Star Posters.” Nm, 4” x 6” plus a tab and a price of $1.99 written in. 2. 1977 Royals’ “Fan Appreciation Day” plastic mug from A&P and Eight O’Clock Coffee. Brett and other Royals are pictured. Vg+ to ex. 3-5. Royals yearbooks for 1970 ex+, 1971 vg+ and 1972 vg+ to ex. 6. 1978 NAIA College Baseball World Series program autographed by Paul Splittorff, nm-m 8 cover signature authenticated by Kevin Keating. 7-10. Four Royals’ laminated placemats commemorating the team’s 1976 and 1977 A.L. Western Division championships. Each placemat shows six or seven different team members. Ex-m to nm. 11. Color 2” x 3” card commemorating the Royals’ inaugural game on April 10, 1973, in Royals Stadium. Nm. 12. A white belt 1.75” wide and 23” long with a KANSAS CITY CHIEFS’ buckle 2.75” in diameter. The belt shows light-to-moderate soiling, and the buckle has several spots of wear.
Minimum Bid $40     

Lot 158.  1987 Twins “Championship Drive” Hanky and 3 Full-Sized Pennants of Other Teams. The “Homer Hanky,” approximately 14” x 14”, was distributed by the “Star Tribune” of Minneapolis. Red-on-white, it commemorates the Twins’ 1987 “Championship Drive.” The Twins won the A.L. pennant and then defeated St. Louis in the World Series. Folded, ex-m+. The pennants mark the 100th anniversary of the St. Louis Cardinals; the final home stand of the Cleveland Indians at Municipal Stadium, Oct. 1-3, 1993; and the opening day of Victory Field, home of the Indianapolis Indians, on July 11, 1996. These pennants are nm+ to mint. The Cleveland pennant has Chief Wahoo over Municipal Stadium. The names of the players and coaching staff are presented. The Indianapolis team is the Triple-A affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Winning Bid $10     

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