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Baseball Cards and Related Collectibles

  12 Lots      

Lot 11.  1878 H804-6 Forbes Co. Set of 6 Trade Cards and a Variation. These six cards – “A Fly,” “Foul,” “Home Run,” “Judgment,” “Muff” and “Twist” – have the titles in a reddish-brown color, which apparently is scarcer than the version with the titles in black. The seventh card is a black-type version of “Home Run,” which has advertising on the back for the “Baltimore Store,” including “Japanned Goods.” “A Fly” has a poem on the back promoting “Twombley’s Store.” The location is not provided. The other cards with reddish-brown titles have blank backs. “Muff” would be the only card without a back problem – IF someone had not put a small price sticker on it. Now, sticker and back are firmly united. Otherwise, the card is ex-m. “A Fly” has glue residue on the back, where all of Twombley’s poem is fully present. The front is ex-m. The back of “Foul” is stained and has “Percy” added in pencil; the front is ex. “Judgment” from the set and “Home Run” with black type have extra paper on the back from a scrapbook. All type is present on the back of “Home Run.” Both fronts are ex. Finally, “Home Run” (reddish-brown) and Twist show paper loss on their blank backs. The front of each is ex.
Winning Bid $110     

Lot 12.  1882 H804-11 Cosack & Co. Set of 9 Circled Position Series Cards. Why this popular set has a batter, but no right fielder, remains a mystery. All nine cards offered here are without advertising on either the front or back. Apparently with a section of tape on the back, they are attached to 17 3/8” x 32 ¼” poster board. The 1st Baseman card has two creases at the top. The others have fronts that are ex to nm. Display this attractive cards in their current form, or find a way to remove and re-display them!
Minimum Bid $95     

Lot 13.  Rare 1922 E120 (Series of 240) American Caramel Card “Stars of Baseball” N.L. Album. The American Caramel Co. of Lancaster and York, PA, certainly needs no introduction, but this album is scarce enough that it just might. Max B. Sheffer of Chicago produced the album for American Caramel to hold 120 cards from its series of 240. A companion album holds cards of 120 American League players. With gold lettering on heavy black stock, the National League album has 8 pages, plus covers, and measures 11 1/8” x 11 7/8”. Inside, each page has a manager’s name at the top of each horizontal page and space for 15 cards showing his players. The names of the managers and players are in gold. The covers are extremely decorative, with vintage artwork surrounding the “Stars of Baseball” logo. This album is unused and ex-m with a couple of minor edge and corner creases. It is free of splits along the spine or other problems. These albums turn up infrequently, and this is an outstanding example. It is a must-have complement to an E120 collection!
Winning Bid $95     

Lot 14.  Rare Geo. Burke 1934 Photo of Kiki Cuyler Promoting Herbert Hats of Chicago. Cuyler, the Hall of Fame outfielder, played for the Cubs from 1928 through 1935. In this photo, 7.5” x 9.5” photo, he sports the “most comfortable Panama (hat) I have ever worn…” Burke was one of the premier photographers of the 1930s-40s; his stamp is on the back of the photo. A relatively small number of these photos have surfaced. This example is ex.
Winning Bid $204     

Lot 15.  Rare Geo. Burke 1934 Photo of Babe Herman Promoting Herbert Hats of Chicago. A power hitter, Herman spent the 1933 and 1934 seasons with the Cubs. In this photo by Burke, a top photographer of the 1930s and 1940s, Herman wears a boater style hat. Only a small number of these photos have been found. This photo, which is 7.5” x 9.5”, has Burke’s stamp on the back and is ex-m.
Winning Bid $301     

Lot 16.  Eddie Mathews 1956-60 Bill and Bob Milwaukee Braves Postcard. Ex.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 17.  177 Different 1961 Topps Baseball with Special Cards of Mantle, Ruth and Gehrig. Key cards include #109 Podres, 132 Lopez, 133 Houk, 371 Skowron g, 401 Babe Ruth Hits 60th homer vg, 405 Gehrig Benched After 2,130 Games ex, 406 Mantle Blasts 565 ft. Home Run vg, 477 Fox MVP g and 575 Banks A.S. vg. The other cards average vg. They range from #4-521. Twenty-four are numbered from 1-100; 50 from 101-200; 44 from 201-300; 26 from 301-400; 28 from 401-500 and five above 500.
Winning Bid $127     

Lot 18.  40 1962 Topps High Numbers, One Graded NM-MT 8 by PSA. This collection, with appeal for both collectors and dealers, includes seven single prints. There are 21 different cards. The PSA-graded card is #564, Bob Grim. The others cards are #535 Roebuck, 536, 337 Indians team (4), 538, 539 (3), 551, 557* (2), 558 (3), 561* (4), 562 (4), 563, 564 Grim, 565 (3), 566*, 568, 573 Logan (2), 574 (2), 578, 581, 582 and 588 Tebbetts. The asterisks (*) designate single prints. PLEASE NOTE: All of these cards are very slightly short, top to bottom. However, based on our experience, they are within PSA’s tolerances. On three occasions, we have selected one or two of these cards at random for submission to PSA. All five graded, receiving grades of EX-MT, EX-MT+, NM and NM-MT 8 (2 cards, including the card of #564 Grim). Because of this experience, we believe these cards will grade. Nevertheless, they are sold “as is.”
Winning Bid $180     

Lot 19.  1964 Topps Baseball - 206 Different. Highlights include #10 AL HR Leaders p, 13 Wilhelm g, 35 Mathews f, 265 Bunning f, 390 Cepeda f and 393 Casey Teaches f-g. The other cards average vg-ex.
Winning Bid $138     

Lot 20.  1965 Topps Partial Set of 333 Including Stars. From a set of 598, this partial set includes 83 cards numbered from 1-100; 81 from 101-200, 62 from 201-370; 82 from 370-500, and 25 from 501-598. The Hall of Fame and star cards are: Leader cards #1-6 and 8-12 with #3 vg and 5 ex+; #15 Roberts, 16 Morgan rookie vg-ex, 55 Conigliaro, 120 F. Robinson, 130 Kaline; World Series #132-135, 138 and 139 with #134 Mantle’s Clutch HR, nm+; 145 Tiant rookie, 150 B. Robinson, 176 McCovey, 187 Stengel, 193 Perry, 380 Colavito, 440 Tresh, 460 Allen, 473 Blair rookie, 477 Carlton rookie vg-ex, 513 Yankees team and 519 Uecker. The cards in this group average vg-ex.
Winning Bid $198     

Lot 21.  1970 Topps Baseball Partial Set of 569 with Many Stars, Specials and High Numbers. Highlights include #10 Yastrzemski g, #61 1969 NL Batting Leaders ex, 64 1960 AL RBI Leaders vg, 65 1969 NL Home Run Leaders vg-ex, 69 1969 NL Pitching Leaders vg-ex, 140 Jackson vg+, 150 Killebrew vg-ex, 189 Munson rookie p, 195 N.L. Playoff Game 1 Seaver Wins Opener! Vg-ex, 198 Mets Celebrate ex+, 220 Carlton f, 230 B. Robinson g-vg, 290 Carew g, 300 Seaver f, 330 Brock vg-ex, 450 McCovey A.S. g, 453 Carew A.S. ex+, 455 B. Robinson A.S. vg-ex, 458 Rose A.S. vg, 459 Jackson A.S. f, 463 F. Robinson A.S. vg-ex, 464 Bench A.S. p, 466 Marichal A.S. vg, and 600 Mays vg-ex. For cards numbered 1-546, approximately 11% are ex-m to nm; 22% ex to ex+; 57% vg to vg-ex, and 10% g-vg or less. Here are the grades of the cards numbered 547-633: Ex to ex-m, 16 cards. Vg to vg-ex, 25. F-g to g-vg, 6. And 634-720: Ex, 3 cards. Vg-ex, 11. Vg or less, 10 cards.
Winning Bid $121     

Lot 22.  PSA GEM MT 10 2000 Topps Chrome Traded #T40 Miguel Cabrera. Perfection! Which seems about right for a player with two consecutive A.L. MVP awards and batting titles, as well as two seasons in a row with Silver Slugger awards, 44 home runs and more than 130 RBI. Beautiful card by one of baseball’s best current players!
Winning Bid $218     

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