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Baseball Cards

  40 Lots       »   

Lot 4.  1968 Topps Game Set of 33. Key cards are #2 Mantle ex-m, 3 Yastrzemski nm, 4 Aaron nm+, 6 Clemente nm+, 8 Mays nm and 12 Rose ex-m. Of the remaining cards, six grade g, and 21 range from ex to nm.
Winning Bid $152     

Lot 5.  4 Cal Ripken, Jr. Cards Including 3 Rookies. The cards are 1982 Topps #21 nm+; 1982 Topps Traded #98T nm-m; 1982 Fleer #176 nm+; and 1983 Topps #163 nm-m.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 10.  1882 H804-11 Cosack & Co. Set of 9 Circled Position Series Cards. Why this popular set has a batter, but no right fielder, remains a mystery. All nine cards offered here are without advertising on either the front or back. Apparently with a section of tape on the back, they are attached to 17 3/8” x 32 ¼” poster board. The 1st Baseman card has two creases at the top. The others have fronts that are ex to nm. Display this attractive cards in their current form, or find a way to remove and re-display them!
Winning Bid $332     

Lot 11.  1888 Rafael Tuck & Sons Artistic Series Die-Cut Baseball Card. This attractive card features a New York pitcher who wears a red and white striped uniform. It has scrapbook residue on the blank back, technically is vg and looks much better.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 12.  Circa 1889 N88 Duke “Terrors of America” Baseball Card. Titled “Out in Left-Field ‘Don’t drop it, Tommy’,” this card shows a young player about to catch a fly ball. Vg-ex.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 13.  1905 Ullman Postcard Featuring a Harvard Pitcher and the University’s Seal. Unused, technically g, looks better.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 14.  1909 E92 Dockman & Sons Card of Wild Bill Donovan, Detroit Tigers Pitcher. Vg.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 15.  1910 PC798-9 Colonial Art Postcard “A Steal.” This humorous unused sepia postcard features a male and female baseball player “stealing” a kiss. Vg.
Winning Bid $15     

Lot 16.  3 1910-11 S74 White Silks – Chief Bender, Bobby Byrne and Rebel Oakes. Each of these silks is approximately 1 15/16” x 2 ¾” to 2 7/8”. Each is without the paper backing. Free of stains, they grade: Bender vg-ex, Byrne f and Oakes f-g.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 17.  2 1925-31 W590 Baseball Cards – Frankie Frisch and Phil Todt. The Frisch card measures 1 ¼” x 2 5/8”, and the Todt card, 1 5/16” x 2 7/16”. The card of Frisch, which has him with the New York Giants, is vg-ex. The card of Todt, the Boston Red Sox variation, is p.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 18.  1930 Baguer Chocolate Card of Chas Rhen (Rhem). From Cuba, this card grades g with a photo that shows excellent contrast. Known by his middle name “Flint,” Rhem pitched for National League teams in St. Louis, Philadelphia and Boston from 1924-36.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 19.  12 Different 1934 Diamond Silver-Border Matchcovers and 2 Others. All are opened with the matches removed and the strikers present. The matchcovers with silver borders feature Walter Betts vg, Ralph Boyle vg, Adolph Camilli g, Louis Chiozza g, Freddy Fitzsimmons vg , Benny Frey vg Harvey Hendrick vg, Sylvester Johnson vg, Red Lucas vg, Van Mungo g, Glenn Myatt vg and Tommy Thevenow vg, Mungo is also on a 1935 black-border cover, vg, and Freddy Fitzsimmons, on a 1936 cover that has the team listed on the back, p-f. Fourteen matchcovers.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 20.  1936 R323 Goudey #278 Van Lingle Mungo. This version of the Mungo card has cartoon drawings, comments by the cartoon characters, and information in the background. Vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 21.  2 Pacific Coast League Cards – 1937-38 Zeenut and 1949 Remar Bread. The Zeenut card of Hawkins is ex, and the Remar Bread Card of Frank Nelson, vg+.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 22.  1947 “New York Journal American” New York Yankees Supplement or Premium. This 12.25” x 17.25” team photo includes Joe Page, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Allie Reynolds, Tom Henrich, Phil Rizzuto and other players that helped the team win another world championship. The sepia offset photo has a 0.5” tear from the left edge, corner and edge creases, and multiple vertical creases, two of them heavy to DiMaggio’s left. P-f.
Winning Bid $15     

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