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Baseball Cards, Pins, Silks and Related Collectibles

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Lot 2.  1889 A35 Goodwin & Co. Baseball Round Album Framed to Display Page Fronts and Backs. Technological advances in lithography, especially in the second half of the 19th century, produced what author Jay T. Last calls “the explosive development and use of color images” in America. Various book illustrations, trade cards, advertisements and posters remain among the most magnificent printed items ever produced. Goodwin & Co.’s round album, lithographed by Knapp & Co. of New York, provides a superb example of what could be accomplished with the new printing techniques. Among Goodwin’s brands were Old Judge and Dog’s Head Cigarettes, each promoted inside one of the album covers. Knapp & Co. could trace its origins to 1846. After collecting the pages to constitute a complete album, our consignor concluded that such beauty should not be hidden in a drawer or album or safe deposit box. It was meant to be enjoyed each day. A Pittsburgh studio double-matted the 10 pages of the album and framed them so that not only the fronts can be seen, but the backs as well. The resulting framed display, which measures 29” x 40.5”, is stunning. The fronts of the album pages are glorious, with colors and images that seem to jump off the page. Except for the Goodwin promotional page, the backs show light or light-to-moderate uneven toning or staining. No evidence of back damage exists. Each page is approximately 8 1/8” in diameter with a single punch hole, as produced. At a glance, the front of each page has an ex-m appearance; the fronts are free of stains. With close examination, they show the following: Monte Ward, small crease between 9 and 10 o’clock; Cap Anson, minor professional restoration to the left of the punch hole (about 1/4" x 1/8") and otherwise ex-m; Mike Kelly, ex-m; Charles Comiskey, a tiny edge nick at 12 o’clock and two very small edge creases; Connor, Gore, O’Rourke and Richardson, two tiny edge bumps; Ewing, Keefe, Ward and Welch, very minor restoration along the left edge and a light crease near the punch hole; Mascot, Murtrie, Titcomb and Whitney, light crease to the right of the punch hole; Brown, Foster, George and Tiernan, light crease right of the punch hole; Crane, Hatfield, Murphy and Slattery, ex-m; and a selection of Goodwin & Co. products, ex-m or better. The front and back covers are present but unframed. One has been professionally restored at the punch hole. The Old Judge advertising on the back has paper loss under the judge’s left eye. The other cover has seen minor restoration, and the Dog’s Head ad has a very small (3/8” x 1/8”) spot of paper loss. The back of the Goodwin promotional page describes the Round Album as “magnificent.” This and other superlatives apply, to the album generally - and to this framed display specifically!
Winning Bid $4,189     

Lot 4.  DESCRIPTION UPDATE - THIS CURRENCY IS DATED 1888 RATHER THAN 1887 -- N.L. Detroit Wolverines Rare 1888 Baseball Currency with Brouthers, Hanlon, White. OTHERWISE, THE DESCRIPTION IS AS ORIGINALLY PRESENTED. This 19th century issue, which promotes a business selling shoes and boots, turns up infrequently. One side has an engraving of a generic Detroit batter and Bill Watkins, the manager who guided the Wolverines to the 1887 National League championship and to victory over the St. Louis Browns, American Association champions, in an interminable 15-game World Series. The reverse has vignette engravings of 12 players, including Dan Brouthers, Ned Hanlon and Deacon White, all in the Hall of Fame, and other 19th century stars. The 3.5” x 7.5” currency has been torn into two pieces and repaired with tape reasonably well. It has several 0.5” tears, multiple folds, and scrapbook residue along the right edge of the back. Technically poor, it looks better and is a seldom-seen collectible from the earliest days of the National League.
Winning Bid $218     

Lot 13.  4 Frank Leslie’s Baseball Woodcut Prints and Additional Drawings and Photographs. The Boston Red Stockings and the Philadelphia Athletics, the teams that traveled to England to play baseball, are presented in two separate engravings on a full 11” x 15.75” page from the July 25, 1874 issue of “Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper.” The issue previews the journey, which occurred in September. Each print is titled “The National Game Abroad…” with the team name following. The print of the Athletics is 6.75” x 9.5”, and of the Red Stockings, 5.5” x 9.5”. Harry Wright, George Wright, Al Spalding and James O’Rourke, all in the Hall of Fame, are depicted for Boston, and Cap Anson and A. J. Reach for Philadelphia. The page has edge chips, and a 1.5” tear extends about 0.75” into the Boston illustration. A page from May 19, 1883 titled “The Sports of the Season – Baseball and Its Pleasures” has seven illustrations of the National Game. Edge chip; otherwise, ex. Multiple images also populate a May 23, 1885 page. It carries the lengthy title “New York City. – The Baseball Season – Sketches at the Polo Grounds During the League Championship Game between the New York and Detroit Clubs, on Wednesday, May 13th.” New York won, 10-7. The six illustrations, according to the newspaper, “relate to certain minor incidents observed by the artist at the game, and more or less common to all.” The page has been folded horizontally, and a 1.25” edge tear extends slightly into the print. A page from March 27, 1913 has five Eugene Zimmerman illustrations in a column that mentions John McGraw, Joe Tinker, Frank Chance and other players. Edge chips, otherwise ex. Photos replace drawings in a July 17, 1913 article, “Baseball Surgery of Renown.” Rube Marquard is shown. Vg-ex. Complete issues are present for Aug. 30, 1917 and Sept. 22, 1917. Both are vg with pages better than the covers, both of which relate to the Great War (World War I). The earlier issue has a two-page article with photos of Eddie Collins and six other players. Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson and Eddie Cicotte are among the players shown in the Sept. 22 issue. Mathewson was managing Cincinnati then, and the magazine reports that “probably nothing gave him as much satisfaction as to take the Cincinnati Reds and, in his first season as manager, make them genuine factors in the 1917 pennant race.” Late in the next season, Mathewson would enlist in the Great War and sustain injuries that shortened his life. This collection provides early engravings that rival those that appeared in “Harper’s Weekly.” It also captures the transition in magazines from illustrations to photos.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 14.  Hank Gastright (Hank Gastreich) 1889 Goodwin & Co. Studio Proof Cabinet Card. From the Gilbert Bacon Studio of Philadelphia, this 4.25” x 6.5” cabinet sepia photo presents Gastreich in a batting pose. Like the 1888-89 N173 Old Judge Cabinets, the card has “Goodwin & Co. N.Y.” on the right and an 1889 copyright on the left. It shows paper loss and a crease in the upper left corner. The contrast is decent. Gastreich, who played also as “Hank Gastright,” pitched for six teams in seven seasons – the Columbus Solons, Washington Senators, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Beaneaters, Brooklyn Grooms and Cincinnati Reds. He won 30 games with Columbus in 1890 and was 15-5 with Pittsburgh and Boston in 1893.
Winning Bid $520     

Lot 15.  6 19th Century Trade Cards from 3 Different Series – Buffords, Forbes and Cosack & Co. The “Short Stop” is the card from the 1882 H804-11 Circled Position Series from Cosack & Co. The card is vg with a rough left border and light, mostly even staining over most of the back. All type is present and fully readable. One card, “Chance for a kick,” is from the 1888 Buffords Series; vg+ to ex. There are three cards from the six-card 1878 Forbes Co. Series, which is among the very earliest baseball cards. “Fly” has stains along the edges of the blank back; the front is ex. “Foul” grades vg, and “Home Run,” vg with stains on the back. The sixth card, from Buffords, is untitled. No. 212 in Frank Keetz’ checklist, it shows a child in fancy dress, including a non-baseball cap, holding a bat that touches or almost touches the ground. The back shows staining; all type is present, and the front is vg.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 16.  2 1880s H804-5A “Black Players Series” Trade Cards “F-O-U-L Ball” and “Home Run.” From a set of four, these cards display blue, tan and black colors. “F-O-U-L Ball” has “144” in the lower right and grades f; back damage in the corners does not affect the advertising. The front has a vg appearance. “Home Run.” is ex-m with Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company advertising.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 17.  1888 N508 Allen & Ginter Sub Rosa Women Baseball Players. Card #5 is titled “Double Him Up!” It is poor with two pin holes, paper loss along the right edge and damage and staining to the blank back. It is also very scarce. In any condition.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 18.  2 Baseball Cards from 1901 and 1925 British Sets, One with George Sisler. A card titled “America, Baseball” is #33 from the 1901 Wills “Sports of All Nations” set, g. The 1925 Boguslavsky (Turf) “Sports Record” Series 2 includes the card “Baseball,” #50, which shows Hall of Famer George Sisler batting. Ex.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 19.  1907 Grignon Postcard of Chicago’s Orvie Overall with a Schedule Advertising Back. Vg card that has been addressed for mailing. The divided back has the Cubs’ home schedule and promotes the “Cubs” Dining Room at the Boston Oyster House.
Winning Bid $154     

Lot 20.  10 1910-11 S74 Silks – All Cubs – 6 White and 4 Color. Players on the color silks are Brown g, Chance vg-ex, Overall vg-ex and Schulte g. One of the white silks, Tinker, still has the Turkey Red back attached f-g. A second, Brown, is detached from itself; it has been torn in half p. The four other intact white silks are Needham vg, Reulbach g, Schulte vg-ex and Steinfeldt ex.
Winning Bid $250     

Lot 21.  Hand-Sewn Pillow Made of 65 Baseball 1910-11 S74 Silks and Non-Sport Silks. Thirty-seven silks are from the baseball issue. Among the players are Bates (3 silks), Becker (2), Bridwell (4), Brown (4), Delahanty (2), Evans, Graham (3), Griffith (2), Miller, Mullin, Shean (3), Summers (4), Tinker and Willett. Six silks are from the S50 “Fruits” set. Ignoring the results of the stitching, some silks of Becker, Bridwell and Graham grade f-g or better.
Winning Bid $152     

Lot 22.  10 Forbes Field Postcards – 7 Pre-Linen. These cards provide various views of the ball park and the surrounding area. The first seven are pre-linens: 1. No. 125A, aerial sketch, “New Base Ball Stadium and Park…,” City of Pittsburgh logo in the upper left, Acmegraph, postmarked in 1909, vg. 2. No. 152A, outside main entrance, two cars parked, “Forbes Field, Champion Pirates Base Ball Park…,” City logo in the upper right, Fort Pitt Publishing, postmarked in 1910, vg. 3. No. 2770, aerial from above center field, “Forbes Field, Interior, Pittsburg, Pa.,” Singer Pen & Card Store, postmarked in 1910, g. 4. No. A-14300, “Entrance to Forbes Field, Pittsburg, Pa.,” in black in upper left, crowd leaving main entrance, Fort Pitt Publishing, postmarked in 1911, f-g. 5. No. 24782, Schenley Park area with orange roof of ballpark at center right, three-line title in red, no publisher listed, postmarked in 1915,g-vg. 6. No. 29047, aerial similar to the first card listed, white title, “Pittsburgh, Pa. Exterior, Ball Park,” R. W. Johnston Studios, postmarked in 1910 (Belmont written neatly in the top left portion of the front otherwise) vg-ex. 7. No. A-66914, Schenley Farm District with Forbes Field labeled in the background, Robbins & Son, postmarked in 1922, f. The following are linen PCs: 8. No. 38-61408, aerial from center field, white border, orange roof, Pittsburgh News, 1945 postmark, ex. 9. No. 58-67422, aerial from third base, white border, Mullen Bros., unused, ex. 10. No. 138-1776, aerial from third base, hills and sky in background, Imperial Greeting, Metrocraft logo, unused, g.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 23.  7 Pre-Linen Postcards of Chicago’s West Side Grounds (Park). The Cubs played there from 1893-1915. Three cards are numbered 240 on the back. One, by an unidentified publisher, says “Baseball Game in West Side Ball Grounds, Chicago (no period after Chicago) g. Two by the Franklin Post Card Co. are the same and say “Baseball Game, west side Ball Grounds, Chicago.” One is vg, and one is g. A fourth card is numbered 542, and says “Baseball Grounds, Chicago.” Acmegraph is the publisher g. Two cards with variations carry number 580. One with an Acmegraph logo is titled “National League ‘Cubs’ Ball Park Chicago” (no period) and has type on either side of a stack on the front vg. The other, without a publisher given but possibly from Gerson, has the same title with a period, and all of the type is to the right of the stack g. Finally, a V. O. Hammon postcard has No. 1784 on the back and “West Side Ball Park – (Cubs)” on the front vg. Five of the postcards have been postmarked, primarily in 1910 or 1911. The cards that have not been mailed are one of the No. 240 cards from Franklin and No. 542.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 24.  4 1910-11 M116 Sporting Life Cards – All Chicago Cubs. The card of Johnny Kane grades vg and has the back variation “When you think of Base Ball think of Sporting Life.” The three others have backs that say “If you want Base Ball News you should read Sporting Life.” The card of Jimmy Sheckard is ex. The Orval Overall card is vg, and the Ed Reulbach card, f-g.
Winning Bid $161     

Lot 25.  12 Different 1910-12 P2 Sweet Caporal Pins – All Cubs – Brown, Chance, Tinker, Etc. Subjects of these pins are Archer (small letters) nm-m, Brown ex, Chance (small letters) ex, McIntire (Cubs) g, Needham f, Pfiester ex+, Reulbach ex-m, Richie ex, Scheckard (Sheckard) ex+, Schulte ex, Steinfeldt vg-ex and Tinker ex. All except Brown still have a paper insert on the back.
Winning Bid $218     

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