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Dec. 14, 1947 Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles Program.

Lot 257. Dec. 14, 1947 Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles Program. The Eagles earned the right to meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in an Eastern Division Playoff Game, 28-14. They also won the playoff and then met the Chicago Cardinals in the NFL Championship. The 28-page program is ex and has 3” x 4” photos of various Eagles, including Vic Sears, Al Wistert, coach Greasy Neale, Steve Van Buren, Pete Pihos, Tommy Thompson, Alex Wojciechowicz, Bucko Kilroy and Bosh Pritchard. Subjects of Packers photos of various sizes are coach Curly Lambeau and assistants Walt Kiesling and Don Hutson; and Heisman winner Bruce Smith, Tony Canadeo and Ted Fritsch. Winning Bid $40.    

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       Winning Bid  $40


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