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78 Different 1962 Topps Cards - League Leaders, Team Cards, Semi-High Numbers, Etc.

Lot 49. 78 Different 1962 Topps Cards - League Leaders, Team Cards, Semi-High Numbers, Etc. #22b Checklist*, 24 Tigers team, 43 Dodgers team ex-m, 45 B. Robinson vg+, League Leaders #51 A.L. Batting Leaders with Kaline ex+, 52 N.L. Batting Leaders with Clemente vg-ex, 53 A.L. Home Run Leaders with Mantle and Maris vg+ to ex, 54 with Mays and F. Robinson vg, 55, 56, 57 A.L. Victory Leaders with Ford, 58, 59, and 60 N.L. Strikeout Leaders with Koufax vg+ to ex; 61 Cardinals team, 86 Clendenon rookie, 98 Checklist*, 113 White Sox team, 132 Angels team (no inset photos), 134 Hoeft (blue sky), 158 Braves team, 163 Hot Corner Guardians, 169 Cerv (both color variations), 192 Checklist*, 206 Senators team, 219 Downing rookie, 226 Giants team vg-ex, World Series #233 Jay Ties It Up, 236 Yanks Crush Reds in Finale, 237 The Winners Celebrate; 251 Yankees team vg-ex, 277 Checklist* ex+, 294 Phillies team, 334 Red Sox team vg+ to ex, 367 Checklist* ex, 384 Athletics team, 441 Checklist, 476 Orioles team, 513 Herzog vg-ex and 516 Checklist. The ungraded cards average vg to vg-ex. Current Bid $50.    

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