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Willie Pep Signed Autobiography - Gem Mint 10 Autograph.

Lot 281. Willie Pep Signed Autobiography - Gem Mint 10 Autograph. Generally regarded as the all-time best featherweight, Pep won 95 percent (230) of his 242 bouts. He was the featherweight champion from 1942-48. On Oct. 29, 1948, he lost the title to Sandy Saddler, took it back on Feb. 11, 1949 and held it until Sept. 8, 1950, when Saddler knocked him out again. Pep’s signature is large, bold and personalized to “Frank” on the flyleaf of the 1973 apparent first edition hardback. Titled “Willie Pep remembers … Friday’s Heroes” and written with Robert Sacchi, the book is ex in a vg dust jacket. Kevin Keating authenticated the signature. Pep died in 2006. He is a member of the World and International Boxing Halls of Fame. Winning Bid $30.    

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       Winning Bid  $30


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