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Large Collection of 38 Baseball Card Sets or Near Set, 1981-2000.

Lot 266. Large Collection of 38 Baseball Card Sets or Near Set, 1981-2000. These sets and near sets average nm-m. They contain rookie cards of Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Fernando Valenzuela, Kirk Gibson (2), Sammy Sosa, Barry Larkin, Barry Bonds, Kirby Puckett (4), Roger Clemens (4), Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez and others. Star cards are present for Rickey Henderson, Cal Ripken, Pete Rose, Nolan Ryan and numerous other greats and near-greats. Here is the complete list: TOPPS – Four 1985 near sets of 791, missing only McGwire; 1989 near set of 788, missing the last four cards; 1990 opened factory set of 792; four 1992 sets of 792, including a factory set that is taped closed; and 1993 set of 835. FLEER: Two 1981 near sets, both missing #640 and 660, and one missing several other cards; 1987 set of 660; and 2000 Focus partial set, #1-125. DONRUSS: 1981 near set of 600, missing the five checklist cards; 1986 factory set of 660, opened with the cards still sealed in the original cellophane wraps; 1987 set of 660; and 1991 set of 770 plus 12 Highlights cards, #BC-11 through BC-22. PINNACLE: Two 1992 sets of 620 and 1997 Certified set of 150. None of the Certified cards has been peeled. BOWMAN: 1990 factory set of 528, opened, and 1998 Series 1, #1-221. STADIUM CLUB: 1991 set of 600; three 1992 sets of 900, and a partial set of #1-600; 1993, Series 1, #1-300, and Series 1 and 2, #1-600; and two 1991 Charter Members sets in the original boxes, each with 50 cards representing baseball, football and hockey, a Nolan Ryan bronze card and a keychain. UPPER DECK: 1990 low-number set of 700; 1991 set of 800, and 1992 low-number set of 700. COLLECTOR’S CHOICE: 1998 unopened factory set of 530 plus 10 StarQuest cards. PLEASE NOTE: Because of the size of this lot, we cannot guarantee that all sets are 100 percent complete. We have checked each set for primary rookie and star cards. These sets have tremendous break-up and enjoyment value. Winning Bid $138.    

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       Winning Bid  $138


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