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7 1947-48 San Francisco 49ers’ Programs with the Team’s Prospector Mascot.

Lot 251. 7 1947-48 San Francisco 49ers’ Programs with the Team’s Prospector Mascot. More recently, the prospector has abandoned his scruffy look and become known as Sourdough Sam. The 49ers made their debut in 1946 in the All-America Football Conference. These programs are from the team’s second and third seasons – Sept. 21, 1947 vs. the New York Yankees, Oct. 12, 1947 vs. the Chicago Rockets, Sept. 19, 1948 vs. the Los Angeles Dons, Oct. 24, 1948 vs. the Baltimore Colts and Nov. 7, 1948 vs. the Rockets. The 49ers lost to the Yankees and defeated the Rockets in 1947. They scored victories over the Dons, Colts and Rockets in 1948 as only the champion Cleveland Rams played better. Also included are programs for exhibition games on Aug. 22, 1947 vs. the Baltimore Colts and Sept. 5, 1948 vs. the Brooklyn Dodgers. These 26-page programs average vg-ex. Joe Perry, Frankie Albert, Len Eshmont and Norm Standlee are 49ers pictured. Appearing for competitor teams are Buddy Young, Dick Barwegan, Elroy Hirsch, Bob Hoernschemeyer, Y. A. Tittle, Glenn Dobbs and Herman Wedemeyer. Winning Bid $168.    

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       Winning Bid  $168


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