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Jackie Kid Berg Signed Biography.

Lot 224. Jackie Kid Berg Signed Biography. In a career spanning 1924-45, Berg won 157 of his 192 fights. From Feb. 16, 1930 until April 24, 1931, he was the world junior lightweight champion. During that period, he fought 14 times. Born in London, he began boxing professionally at the age of 14. Pound-for-pound, he is considered one of the best boxers of his era. He is in the World and International Boxing Halls of Fame. Berg died in 1991. His autograph is gem mint 10 on the first title page of the apparent first edition hardback “Jack Kid Berg: The Whitechapel Windmill,” written by Jack Harding with Berg. The book is ex-m+, and the dust jacket, ex with foxing on the flaps. Kevin Keating authenticated the autograph. Current Bid $35.    

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