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1930s La Presse and 1952 La Patrie Colorized Newspaper Photos Including Jocko Conlan.

Lot 205. 1930s La Presse and 1952 La Patrie Colorized Newspaper Photos Including Jocko Conlan. Both newspapers were published in Montreal. For 1928-32, La Presse included large hand-tinted player photos in its Saturday rotogravure section. A slightly trimmed page from June 1930 measures 10 ¼” x 16 5/8” and has photos of Lee Head, Jimmy Ripple, Eddie Conley and Jimmy Calleran. Conlan, the Hall of Fame umpire, occupies a 10 1/8” x 16 5/8” page from June 6, 1931. The 1930 page has five pin holes in the left border and otherwise is vg+ to ex. The page with Conlan has several border tears ¼” or smaller and two small stains. The La Patrie 11 3/8” x 15 ½” “Album Sportif” page is from the newspaper’s Sunday rotogravure section and features a photo of Carmen Mauro, who played for the Cubs in three seasons and for the Dodgers, Senators and Athletics, all in 1953. Vg+ to ex with some minor edge tears. This group also includes a 1943-47 Parade Sportive 5 3/16” x 8 ¼” b&w photo of Paul “Pepper” Martin, ex+, who was neither the “Wild Horse of the Osage” nor the Pittsburgh Pirates’ pitcher. Finally, there are two Demanche-Derniere Heure magazine photos (8.5” x 11” pages), Coco Laboy from 1973 and Ken Macha from 1980. Both pages have three punches in the left border. Otherwise, the Laboy photo is ex-m, and the Macha photo, ex. Six photos, all associated with Montreal baseball. Winning Bid $25.    

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       Winning Bid  $25


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