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Part 2 - Pittsburgh Pirates

  5 Lots      

Lot 300.  Bill Mazeroski and Augie Donatelli Signed ONL Warren Giles Baseball.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 301.  4 Pittsburgh Pirates HoF Autographs – Lloyd Waner, Kiner and Mazeroski. Waner’s signature is nm-m 8 to mint 9 on a Hall of Fame gold plaque postcard. Kiner’s autograph is on a cut from a 1971 check that is part of a card from the 2014 Panini National Treasures Baseball set. The signature is mint 9 with part of the bank’s cancellation stamp over a portion of Kiner’s first name. Two autographs are by Bill Mazeroski, one nm-m 8 on a mint OML Selig baseball, and the other, nm-m 8 to mint 9 on an 8” x 10” color photo, which has several creases. Below his signature on the sweet spot of the ball, Mazeroski added “HOF 01.” The ball is encased in a display holder with a 1994 Ted Williams card of Maz.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 302.  Photos Signed by 7 Pittsburgh Pirates –Long, Tekulve, Skinner, Peña, Stuart, Nelson and Ray. The key signature in this little collection is by Dale Long, who homered in eight consecutive games for the Pirates in 1956. Thirty-one years passed before another major leaguer, Don Mattingly, matched this accomplishment. In addition to Pittsburgh, the power-hitting first baseman played for five other teams in his 10-season career. He was 64 when he died in 1991. His autograph, personalized to “Joe,” is large, bold and scarce. Other signatures are by Kent Tekulve, an All-Star reliver who led the N.L. in appearances four times; Dick Stuart, “Dr. Strangeglove,” who helped Pittsburgh to win a World Series in 1960; Rocky Nelson (died 2006), a member of the 1960 championship team; Bob Skinner, an All-Star and starting left fielder in 1960; Tony Peña, a five-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove catcher; and Johnny Ray, a second baseman and two-time All-Star. Kevin Keating authenticated the autographs, which are nm-m 8 and better. Stuart’s autograph, which shows some small skips, is large and bold, and Long’s is essentially unimprovable.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 303.  1970 Roberto Clemente Night Program and Pin. On July 24, 1970, the Pirates honored Clemente at Three Rivers Stadium “as the complete ballplayer, a legitimate super-star, and a polished performer with the glove and with the bat.” The program predicts that Clemente “will be forever mentioned in the same breath with such all-time Pirates as Pie Traynor, Honus Wagner and the Waner Brothers, someday to join them in Baseballs’ Hall of Fame.” The four-page program is vg with a full-page color photo of Clemente. The 2.25” b&w pin is nm.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 304.  Greg Polanco Signed Cards (4) and a Printing Plate and 16 Cards Signed by Pirates Prospects. All of these cards were issued with autographs. Polanco became the Pirates starting right fielder and batted .256 in 153 games. His autographs are on Topps’ 2014 Sterling Showcase card SAS-GP, #17 of 25 issued; and three 2014 Certified Autograph cards from Topps’ Supreme Baseball issue, SA-GP, #9 of 20, 12 of 35 and 50 of 50. Polanco also autographed the yellow printing plate used to make the Supreme Baseball card. All of the signatures are mint 9 to gem mint 10. The other cards are signed by Trae Arbet, 2014 Bowman Chrome BCAP-TA; Tyler Glasnow, 2014 Bowman Sterling, BSPA-TG; Ryan Hafner (5 cards), 2014 Bowman Chrome, BCAP-RHA; Alex Hanson (2), 2014 Bowman Sterling, BSPA-AH; Connor Joe (2), 2014 Panini Elite Extra Edition, #75; Jameson Taillon (3 different), 2010 Panini Elite Series #10 and 10 of 49 issue, 2010 Onyx Authenticated Platinum Prospects PPA15 and 15 of 25, and 2011 Tri-Star #2 and 16/50; and Cole Tucker (2), 2014 Bowman Sterling, BSPA-CT. The autographs are nm-m 8 and better. In addition to being issued by the card companies, the autographs have been authenticated by Kevin Keating. On the back of the printing plate signed by Polanco, Topps states that it is “a One-of-a Kind Collectible.”
Winning Bid $92     

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