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Mickey Mantle Wood Token and Pete Rose Coca-Cola Bottle Cap.

Lot 36. Mickey Mantle Wood Token and Pete Rose Coca-Cola Bottle Cap. Both collectibles are from the 1960s. The Mantle “Rain Check” token, 1.5” in diameter, is nm-m. A drawing of Mantle and his facsimile autograph are on the front. The back says “Rain Check” and had a drawing of an umbrella. Apparently these tokens were handed out by the Yankees in 1968. The 1967-68 Coke bottle cap has a portrait of Rose. It is #N30, one of 18 National League All-Stars. The underside of the cap with Rose’s portrait is vg-ex. The other side, with the Coke name, is heavily worn. Winning Bid $30.    

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       Winning Bid  $30


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