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Y. A. Tittle Autographed Classic 16” x 20” Football Image.

Lot 189. Y. A. Tittle Autographed Classic 16” x 20” Football Image. Playing at Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field on Sept. 20, 1964, Tittle tossed a screen pass that the Steelers intercepted and returned for a touchdown. Just as he let go of the pass, Tittle was smashed to the ground by 270-pound defensive end John Baker. He sustained bruised ribs and a damaged sternum. The injury effectively ended the Hall of Fame career of the 38-year-old New York Giants quarterback. In the seconds after the brutal, legal hit, “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette” photographer Morris Berman captured the bloodied Tittle on his knees. Actually, the photo earned its place in football history only after Berman entered it in sports photo competition. The “Post-Gazette” chose not to publish it because it showed no action. That changed after Berman won the 1964 National Headliner award for best sports photograph. Tittle’s autograph is a 10, and he added “H.O.F. ‘71” below. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. The sepia photo is nm with a couple of small, light creases. With the right matting and frame, this poignant football photo will be a certain focus of attention on any wall. Winning Bid $35.    

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       Winning Bid  $35


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