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1937 R172 Gum, Inc. Complete “Wild West Series” of 48.

Lot 189. 1937 R172 Gum, Inc. Complete “Wild West Series” of 48. These 48 cards are numbered 1-24 and 26-49. Card #25 was a rare premium card that could be redeemed for a prize; it is among the rarest of non-sport cards. All 48 cards in this set are Type 1, with red lines overlaid on the text to create a puzzle effect. The first 24 cards have “Picture Puzzle Bubble Gum” in red at the bottom, while the second 24 have it in blue. Thirty cards show a small amount of light, inoffensive glue residue on the back, which has not been considered in grading them. The cards grade Ex: 4 cards. Vg-ex: 26. Vg: 6. G-vg: 5. G: 1. F-g: 1. F: 4. P: 1. Winning Bid $264.    

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       Winning Bid  $264


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