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8 Reach Official American League Baseball Guides - 1911-13, 1915 and 1917-20.

Lot 112. 8 Reach Official American League Baseball Guides - 1911-13, 1915 and 1917-20. These guides provide history, statistics and photos from the National League, American League and the minors. In addition, the 1915 guide contains information on the short-lived Players League. Here is information on each guide: 1911, Reach’s largest with 704 pages, complete, rough covers with tape on the spine and the covers glued to the pages, which are vg to vg-ex. 1912, complete, tape on the spine, g-vg covers and 672 pages averaging vg-ex. 1913, complete, damaged covers extensively taped, 642 pages that average vg-ex. 1915, content is complete, pages average ex, and the last is 446, back cover missing, and possibly some advertising pages. 1917, pages apparently complete and vg+ at 352 except for the “Standard of Base Balls” page, front cover missing, back cover heavily damaged. 1918, complete, front cover torn loose, 352 pages, vg+ to ex. 1919, complete, 354 ex pages, covers chipped and taped. 1920, complete, 496 pages averaging ex, one-half of front cover missing, back cover present. Francis Richter became the editor of the Reach Guides in 1901. In the 1920 edition, in his review of the 1919 season, he worries about the disparity between rich and poor teams and cities and their ability to acquire top talent. His thought was galvanized by the Yankees’ purchase of Babe Ruth from Boston for the huge sum of $100,000. While monumental changes have occurred in the past 95 years, some problems apparently are eternal. Winning Bid $152.    

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       Winning Bid  $152


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