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11 1914 B18 Blankets.

Lot 9. 11 1914 B18 Blankets. This group consists of Burns (green basepaths), Doyle (brown basepaths), Fletcher (2, one with brown and one with green basepaths), Grant (3, two with green and one with brown basepaths), Meyers (green basepaths), Murray (2, one with green and one with brown basepaths) and Snodgrass (green basepaths). All of these blankets were sewn at some point, and each has tiny holes from stitches along the edges. Ignoring the stitch holes, they grade: Vg: 1 blanket. G-vg: 3. G: 3. F-g: 1. F: 1. P-f: 2.
Winning Bid $30.

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Winning Bid $30    


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