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31 Cook Books or Booklets, Most from the Washington, D.C., Area, Early 1900s-80s.

Lot 294. 31 Cook Books or Booklets, Most from the Washington, D.C., Area, Early 1900s-80s. These cook books, booklets and pamphlets, softcovers unless otherwise noted, originate with a variety of sources, including individual chefs, churches, businesses promoting their products and a university extension service. Highlights include “The Old Washington Recipes,” 1931 by Polly Graham Latane, vg+ to ex; “Recipes of Quality” from the Heurich Brewing Co. of Washington, D.C., 1912 hardback, complete, g; “Selected Recipes for Varied Occasions” by Nancy Carey, 1927, vg; “The Republican Congressional Cook Book,” Samuel L. Devine of Ohio version, probably 1960, ex; “Home Cooking” by S. T. Rorer of the “Ladies’ Home Journal,” 1905, ex; and “What is the art of using Wines & Spirits?” by “Mr. Bib,” 1953, vg-ex. Four book are from Maryland or Virginia churches, 1970s-80s, vg-ex, some writing. Three books are from service organizations, the Ohio Girls Club of D.C., 1947, ex; the Silver Spring Woman’s Club, 1963, g-vg, and Eastern Star, “Treasure of Recipes,” 1958, vg+ to ex. Three booklets are from the University of Maryland Extension Service, vg-ex; they deal with cakes and cookies, home canning, and jellies, jams and preserves. Promotional books are from Wilkins-Rogers Milling, “Washington Flour,” 3rd edition, apparently 1920s-30s, and “For Finer Baking,” 1968, vg+ to ex; Potomac Electric, two different, ex; the National Live Stock and Meat Board, ex+; the “Washington Post,” 1934, meat recipes, g; Bond Bread, 1933, ex; Washington Gas Light Co., three different, 1931, 1948 and 1962, ex; “Evening Star,” 1943, “Wartime Canning and Cooking Book,” g-vg; National Broiler Council (chicken), 1974, g-vg, and Milk Industry Foundation, “Cottage Cheese Recipe Book,” ex. Also: “How to Mold Fancy Candy & Sugar,” 1976, g-vg: “Aunt Sammy’s Radio Recipes,” USDA, 1976, vg; “The White House Chef Cookbook,” Rene Verdon, 1968 hardback, vg+ to ex book and g dust jacket, and “Recipes with Supplement” from the Washington Sanitarium & Hospital, Myrta M. Cornor, 1944, ex.
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Winning Bid $45    


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