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75 Washington, D.C., and Maryland Yearbooks and Literary Publications - 1912-35.

Lot 293. 75 Washington, D.C., and Maryland Yearbooks and Literary Publications - 1912-35. These publications represent primarily the D.C.’s Central, Eastern and Western High Schools. The collection includes six copies of “The Westerner,” the Western H.S. yearbook, for 1925, 1926 (2), 1927 (2) and1924. These hardbound publications average vg-ex. Eastern H.S. produced a magazine of news and sports articles, photos, artwork, short stories and poetry called “The Easterner.” Containing anywhere from 30-48 pages, these 33 softcover magazines from 1912-22 range from vg to ex-m. Four issues have sports covers. Twenty-seven issues of Central High School’s equivalent magazine, “The Review,” are present and span 1918-20 and 1927-35. These magazines are distinguished by creative covers, five with a sports theme. They average ex to ex-m. One issue is actually the mock-up for the Jan.-Feb. 1930 edition. Seven copies of “The Adjutant,” for 1920 (2), 1921, 1927, 1928, 1932 and 1934, focus on military cadets in the D.C. schools. Vg-ex. Finally, the collection includes a 1924 “Class Book” for the D.C. Knights of Columbus Evening School, and yearbooks for the the McDonough Institute of LaPlata, MD, (1911) and the Emerson Institute (1925). The total number of publications reaches 77 with the inclusion of 1955 and 1956 softcover yearbooks for Leland Jr. High of Chevy Chase, MD.
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Winning Bid $50    


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