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6 Hardback Books, 1896-1939, on the History of Washington, D.C.

Lot 290. 6 Hardback Books, 1896-1939, on the History of Washington, D.C. The 1896 book, edited and compiled by Gen. Duncan S. Walker, is titled “1793-1893 Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Capitol of the United States.” This is an original copy of Walker’s work, not one of the reprints created several years ago. The 8” x 11.5” 152-page book is complete with two maps of D.C. in addition to the text. The red boards are water stained, as are many pages at the top; a much smaller number of pages have tears at the top. The text and extensive illustrations are unaffected. There is no dust jacket. A second book, “Every-Day Life in Washington” by Charles M. Pepper, contains more than 200 illustrations. The binding of this 1900 book, which has a decorative stamped cover, is tight, and there is some fading along the spine; vg-ex. The other books are: “Walks About Washington,” Francis E. Leupp and Lester G. Hornby, 1915, gilt lettering on cover and spine, no dj, owner’s name and spine crack inside, nice vg+. “Washington D.C.: The Nation’s Capital,” autographed by the author, Frances Margaret Fox, 1930 edition, paste-down of the White House on the cover, vg+ to ex, clean pages, tight binding. “Washington Sketch Book,” J. Frederick and Helen Essary, 1932, ex. “The Face of America: Washington Nerve Center,” Edwin Rosskam, 1939, vg-ex book, vg dust jacket. Also, a seventh hardback, “Your Uncle Sam in Washington,” Myrtle Cheney Murdock, 1952, vg+ book, no dj. These books provide excellent insights into the early days of our nation’s capital.
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Winning Bid $40    


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