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Chris Evert Autograph Photo.

Lot 101. Chris Evert Autograph Photo. Evert’s personalized autograph as “Chris” is on an 8” x 10” photo that shows her with Tommy John, Burt Reynolds and Ricardo Montalban. She thanks Tommy “for watching me this week!” Authentication by Keating and accompanied by a Tommy John signed letter stating that the photo is from his collection. Evert is one of the top tennis players of all time. She won 18 Grand Slam singles championships, including the U.S. Open for a record six times and the French Open seven times, also a record. ESPN selected her as the 50th best athlete of the 20th century. Among women athletes, only Babe Didrikson, Martina Navratilova, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Wilma Rudolph were ranked higher.
Winning Bid $50.

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Winning Bid $50    


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