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Jennifer Capriati and Wendy Turnbull Autographs.

Lot 100. Jennifer Capriati and Wendy Turnbull Autographs. Capriati’s autograph is huge (7” across) on a 17” x 23” color poster with her image promoting the 1991 Pathmark Tennis Classic in Mahwah, NJ. Briefly ranked number one in the world, Capriati won the Australian Open singles title in 2001 and 2002 and the French Open in 2001. After 2004, injuries limited her successes. In 2005, “Tennis” magazine ranked her as the 36th greatest player during the preceding 40 years. Turnbull’s full signature is on a colorful Prince racquet cover. Turnbull won nine Grand Slam events during her career. Kevin Keating authenticated the autographs, which grade mint 9 to gem mint 10. They come with a letter signed by Tommy John stating that they are from his collection.
Winning Bid $50.

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Winning Bid $50    


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