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George Steinbrenner Signed Letter Praising Tommy John.

Lot 39. George Steinbrenner Signed Letter Praising Tommy John. In a typed Sept. 12, 1984 letter on his New York Yankees’ letterhead, Steinbrenner recommend John for an award from the Freedoms Foundation of Valley Forge. In part, he writes, “I think Tommy John, not only as a competitor on the ball field, but as a person and a citizen, exemplifies the highest level of citizenship, conduct and religious belief of perhaps any athlete I have known.” He asserts that he is well qualified to judge whether John deserves such an award because “at times Tommy and I have been in somewhat adversarial positions with each other. But when I put petty things aside, and stop to consider the values, beliefs and actions of the man, he is an exceptional young man.” He also says that since elbow surgery, John “has probably been one of the 10 most-effective pitchers in the American League.” Steinbrenner’s signature at the close of this uncommon letter of praise is a 10. Authentication by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $390.

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Winning Bid $390    


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