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Lou Gehrig on the Covers of 6 1920s-30s Publications.

Lot 348. Lou Gehrig on the Covers of 6 1920s-30s Publications. Quality group of complete publications. A large image of the Yankees’ ironman is on the cover of the Aug. 6, 1927 “Police Gazette,” and the publication describes him as “‘Babe’ Ruth’s Rival for Home-Run Honors.” The cover has some stains and chips along the edge. The photo of Gehrig is clean and displays nicely. The same image is used on the cover of “The Sporting News Record Book for 1928,” light border stains, vg. Gehrig is on the cover of another guide, the 1937 “Who’s Who in Baseball,” vg+ to ex. On the cover of the April 1935 “Baseball Magazine,” Gehrig is all smiles as he is described as “the leading slugger of the American League.” Inside, he is shown signing his $30,000 contract, which makes him baseball’s highest-paid player. Extremely nice ex-m copy. As MVPs of their respective leagues, Gehrig and Carl Hubbell share the cover of the Oct. 5, 1937 “Time” issue. Vg. Finally, the July 1937 “PIC Sports Pictures” has an outstanding cover photo of “Larrupin’ Lou” and five more pages of photos inside. Ex-m. Excellent publications for reading or framing for display.
Winning Bid $472.

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Winning Bid $472    


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