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1950s “PREMIERE Gum and Card Vendor” Tabletop Vending Machine.

Lot 322. 1950s “PREMIERE Gum and Card Vendor” Tabletop Vending Machine. This vintage machine dispensed gumballs and cards in the 1950s. The two glass panels displaying the cards are intact, as is the original center glass panel. The baseball cards pictured are included. The machine has a small quantity of chips to the paint and a few minor scratches. There is a minute amount of paint bubbling on the lid and a small amount of tape residue on the back panel. This machine presents beautifully and is a strong example. It is original and in good working order; keys that provide access to the machine’s interior are present. Text says “Premiere Ball Gum and Card, Insert 2 Pennies Turn Handle.”
Winning Bid $433.

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Winning Bid $433    


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