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“Home Run Galop To The Atlantic Club of Chicago” 1867 Sheet Music.

Lot 104. “Home Run Galop To The Atlantic Club of Chicago” 1867 Sheet Music. This sheet music is for one of the earliest half-dozen songs dedicated to baseball. It was written by F. W. Root, a Boston composer, conductor and vocal music teacher. This original copy of the instrumental is in extremely strong condition. There are a few splits and tiny tears along the spine. A notation is written along the left side, outside the image area of the cover, in steel-tipped fountain pen: “Mrs. Emily Camp Everrderr from George H Gillette.” In addition, the blank back page is held in place on a stiff paper backing for framing by archival tape. The overall appearance is ex. A “galop” is a lively, double-rhythm dance popular in the 19th century. This dynamic dance tune can be heard on the Internet at the PD Music Site. Anyone who has heard the 1938 Bob Wills version of “Ida Red” has heard a portion of F. W. Root’s work. In creating lyrics for the western swing version of the traditional American song, Wills borrowed from Root’s 1979 song “Sunday Night.” The “Home Run Galop” sheet music is double-matted and framed to 14.75” x 18.5”. It comes with a letter from Tommy John stating it is from his collection.
Winning Bid $525.

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Winning Bid $525    


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