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Baseball Memorabilia   19 Lots       »   

Lot 27.  First Issue of Sports Illustrated in a Rare, Attractive Slipcase Box. The condition of this inaugural issue, from Aug. 16, 1954, is strong. The magazine shows some light wear on the corners, and the lower right corner has a tiny crease. At the same time, it is free of the stress creases often seen along the spine. What makes it exceptional are the leather-like slipcase and tray that contain it. Previously, we have not seen them. Stamped in gold on the front of the slipcase is “Sports Illustrated, First Issue, August 16, 1954.” The slipcase is ex-m with light wear on the corners and a small impression toward the lower center. The tray that fits into the slipcase shows little wear. Inside the magazine, the three-panel fold-out of Topps 1954 baseball “cards” is nm, free of creases except for the Turley card. Unusual and desirable “Sports Illustrated” and baseball collectible!
Winning Bid $528.

Lot 104.  “Home Run Galop To The Atlantic Club of Chicago” 1867 Sheet Music. This sheet music is for one of the earliest half-dozen songs dedicated to baseball. It was written by F. W. Root, a Boston composer, conductor and vocal music teacher. This original copy of the instrumental is in extremely strong condition. There are a few splits and tiny tears along the spine. A notation is written along the left side, outside the image area of the cover, in steel-tipped fountain pen: “Mrs. Emily Camp Everrderr from George H Gillette.” In addition, the blank back page is held in place on a stiff paper backing for framing by archival tape. The overall appearance is ex. A “galop” is a lively, double-rhythm dance popular in the 19th century. This dynamic dance tune can be heard on the Internet at the PD Music Site. Anyone who has heard the 1938 Bob Wills version of “Ida Red” has heard a portion of F. W. Root’s work. In creating lyrics for the western swing version of the traditional American song, Wills borrowed from Root’s 1979 song “Sunday Night.” The “Home Run Galop” sheet music is double-matted and framed to 14.75” x 18.5”. It comes with a letter from Tommy John stating it is from his collection.
Winning Bid $525.

Lot 317.  Original 1907 Coca-Cola Nap Lajoie Color Ad – the First of Its Kind! This wonderful display piece is one of the earliest advertisements with a baseball player endorsing a non-sports product. It is also THE FIRST COLOR AD WITH A PLAYER PROMOTING ANY PRODUCT. The ad has a 9.25” x 13.5” image area and is matted and framed to 13.25 x 17.5”. In it, the Cleveland Hall of Fame second baseman says: “I drink Coca-Cola regularly and have been doing so for years. It is the best, most refreshing beverage an athlete can drink.” Rube Waddell also is indirectly quoted as saying that he keeps Coca-Cola on the bench for an emergency, and that its qualities have pulled him out of many a tight place. Lajoie is shown in the outfield as fans drink Coke in the nearby stands. Taken from the back of a magazine, possibly “Fortune,” the ad turns up infrequently, and usually in a smaller size. This is the larger version, which will be an attention-grabber in any bar or game room. Upon close examination, the ad shows a vertical crease.
Winning Bid $520.

Lot 318.  Chicago Cubs Rare Original 1909 Poster-Supplement. Tinker, Evers and Chance are pictured in this 16” x 21” poster. So are Steinfeldt, Reulbach, Pfiester, Kling, Mordecai Brown and even a bear cub using a megaphone! The 1909 Cubs finished second to Pittsburgh in the National League pennant race. The following season, most of these same players brought Cubs’ fans their fourth N.L. title in five seasons. There are no markings to identify this attractive display piece. It may have been issued as a poster or a newspaper supplement. Printed on thin paper that is better than newspaper stock, it has a horizontal fold. It shows edge tears as well as another tear in the upper right, somewhat heavy stains along the center right edge and in the upper left corner, and some lighter stains. There is some tape reinforcement along the back edges. Although these condition factors have to be noted, the poster displays nicely and will make an excellent addition to a vintage Cubs collection.
Winning Bid $572.

Lot 319.  1930 Pie-Eyed Mickey Mouse Baseball Batter Bisque. One of the most desirable of the Disney bisques, this Mickey Mouse batter stands 3 ½” tall. His name is impressed into the front of his shorts and “Walt E. Disney” is on the back. “Made in Japan” is impressed into the back of his jersey. He retains about 90% of the paint. A small chip on his left ear appears to have been touched up.
Winning Bid $134.

Lot 320.  1930 Pie-Eyed Mickey Mouse as a Baseball Catcher. This bisque is approximately 3 ¼” tall. Almost 100% of the paint is present. Impressed into the bisque is “Walt E. Disney” and “Made in Japan.” It is among the most desirable of the early Mickey Mouse figures.
Winning Bid $125.

Lot 321.  1939 Reds at Yankees World Series Program. Lou Gehrig graces the cover of the 32-page program, which is neatly scored in pencil for Game 1. The Yankees won this game and the next three in a sweep to the World Championship. Nice problem-free vg+ to ex example. Of course, Gehrig’s career had come to an end early in the season. The disease subsequently named after him claimed his life two years later.
Winning Bid $410.

Lot 322.  1950s “PREMIERE Gum and Card Vendor” Tabletop Vending Machine. This vintage machine dispensed gumballs and cards in the 1950s. The two glass panels displaying the cards are intact, as is the original center glass panel. The baseball cards pictured are included. The machine has a small quantity of chips to the paint and a few minor scratches. There is a minute amount of paint bubbling on the lid and a small amount of tape residue on the back panel. This machine presents beautifully and is a strong example. It is original and in good working order; keys that provide access to the machine’s interior are present. Text says “Premiere Ball Gum and Card, Insert 2 Pennies Turn Handle.”
Winning Bid $433.

Lot 323.  Draper-Maynard Circa 1950 Frank Baumholtz Fielder’s Glove in the Original Box. This unused glove, Model DG934, retains deep impressions of Baumholtz’s name and the D&M trademark, including the Lucky Dog. There are what appear to be moisture spots on the front; the back is unaffected. Except for the spots and some rust on the button in the back, this four-finger right-hander’s glove is nm. Small compared with today’s gloves, it fits an adult hand. The box, which is complete, has water stains that have minimal effects on the D&M label. Headquartered in New Hampshire, D&M actually ceased production in 1937. However, P. Goldsmith Sons Co. of Cincinnati purchased the rights to the name and continued manufacturing Draper-Maynard products until 1962, when it merged with MacGregor Sporting Goods.
Winning Bid $291.

Lot 324.  Red Man Tobacco Framed Display – Original Tin Sign and 6 Cards with Tabs. The central image in this display, which is housed within a 26” x 20” wood frame, is a 1950s 5” x 15” tin sign that shows a Red Man Tobacco package. The sign has rust and wear along the edges; the image area is generally clean and complete. Above and below the sign are three cards from 1954 and three cards from 1955, all N.L. 1954: #14 Gilliam ex-m, 18 Porterfield ex+ and 20 Logan vg. 1955: #6 Maglie ex, 11 Thompson vg-ex and 21 NL Jablonski vg+ to ex. The cards were framed in a manner that would not damage the backs. Because of the framing, we can’t see the backs, and the grades reflect the condition of the fronts as they appear without removing them from their holders within the frame.
Winning Bid $100.

Lot 325.  Willie Mays 1961-63 White Base Bobbing Head. Nice clean figure of Mays holding a bat. There are three small paint chips on Mays’ right ear, some miniscule chips on the “Giants” decal and tiny chip on the underside of the head. Strong example.
Winning Bid $275.

Lot 326.  Mickey Mantle Hillerich & Bradsby 125 Store Model 34” MM4 1969-72 Baseball Bat. Great-looking unused bat with an attractive patina and some rack marks at the knob and on the handle. “MM4” is engraved on the knob.
Winning Bid $185.

Lot 339.  Mickey Mantle 1958 Original Hartland Statue with Bat, Tag, Box and Booklet. Nm-m white figure with several stray flecks, probably as produced, on his right side and light rubbing on his right forearm. The statue stands solidly, holding an original bat and accompanied by an original tag. Remarkably, an original Hartland booklet showing other figures is inside the original box, which is toned by age and otherwise vg+ to ex. You’ll have a difficult time finding a finer, more complete Mantle Hartland!
Winning Bid $1,504.

Lot 345.  1934 “Illustrated Current News” Picturing Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig in Florida. Dated March 19, 1934, the 12 ½” x 19” poster shows both Yankees stars after taking a cut at spring training. Folded twice for mailing, the poster has pin holes in the corners, has 1” tears along the horizontal and vertical mailing folds, and both folds are reinforced on the back with tape. This is an impressive display item.
Winning Bid $100.

Lot 348.  Lou Gehrig on the Covers of 6 1920s-30s Publications. Quality group of complete publications. A large image of the Yankees’ ironman is on the cover of the Aug. 6, 1927 “Police Gazette,” and the publication describes him as “‘Babe’ Ruth’s Rival for Home-Run Honors.” The cover has some stains and chips along the edge. The photo of Gehrig is clean and displays nicely. The same image is used on the cover of “The Sporting News Record Book for 1928,” light border stains, vg. Gehrig is on the cover of another guide, the 1937 “Who’s Who in Baseball,” vg+ to ex. On the cover of the April 1935 “Baseball Magazine,” Gehrig is all smiles as he is described as “the leading slugger of the American League.” Inside, he is shown signing his $30,000 contract, which makes him baseball’s highest-paid player. Extremely nice ex-m copy. As MVPs of their respective leagues, Gehrig and Carl Hubbell share the cover of the Oct. 5, 1937 “Time” issue. Vg. Finally, the July 1937 “PIC Sports Pictures” has an outstanding cover photo of “Larrupin’ Lou” and five more pages of photos inside. Ex-m. Excellent publications for reading or framing for display.
Winning Bid $472.
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